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8-9-3 Solicitation and Distribution of Non-College Related Materials


NUMBER:  8-9-3          APPROVED DATE:  05-20-2002


PURPOSE: To establish Trident Technical College’s(TTC) procedure on solicitation and distribution of non-college related materials.

  1. This procedure promulgates in furtherance of the College’s responsibility to promote the efficiency of its educational and public services and to protect college assets.
  2. TTC prohibits on-campus solicitation or distribution of materials by persons other than College employees or students unless approved by the College’s Vice President for Advancement, the Vice President of Finance and Administration, or their designees.   Solicitation and/or distribution by persons other than College employees or students in any public area of the campuses is prohibited if the solicitation and/or distribution results in unreasonable disruption of, or material interference with, the College’s educational or administrative activities. 
  3. TTC prohibits solicitation by College employees for non-College sponsored activities on College property during working time regardless of whether the solicitation occurs in the work area or not.  Working time is the time an employee is engaged in the official duties of the position.
  4. TTC prohibits distribution of non-College sponsored materials by College employees on College property in non-working areas during working time. 
  5. College owned or operated computer resources will not be used for the prohibited solicitation or distribution described above. 
  6. It is the responsibility of management within administrative and academic units to apply the solicitation and distribution policy consistently.
  7. TTC may approve a fund drive request by an employee on behalf of a charitable organization certified by the Secretary of State to conduct fund drives within State agencies.  The fund drive must be in compliance with College policies and procedures and approved by the College President in advance.  Requestors should send the request via email to the Administrative Coordinator in the President's Office.

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