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8-13-3 Leave Without Pay


NUMBER:  8-13-3          APPROVED DATE:  09-07-1989


PURPOSE. To define guidelines for use of and authorization for leave without pay.

  1. Employees who request leave of absence without pay must complete Authorization for Extended Absence from Regular Duties, TTC Form T3-25.
  2. Leave without pay may be granted for the following reasons:
    1. Military leave in excess of that to which there is entitlement with pay. Use of all accrued annual leave/Faculty Non Work (FNW) days before leave without pay status for such purpose is at the employee's option.  Accumulated sick leave may also be used per the existing Appropriations Act prior to entering leave without pay status.
    2. Annual/FNW day or sick leave when the employee has not accrued or has exhausted all annual/FNW days or sick leave.
    3. Absence of teaching faculty for reasons other than illness, disability or jury duty. However, emergency absences while school is in session, may be taken as non-work days in lieu of regularly scheduled FNW days at the discretion of the appropriate dean. Approved arrangements for substituting regularly scheduled FNW days should accompany the appropriate monthly timesheets.
    4. Leave for additional educational training or occupational experience, which will ultimately benefit the College by increased capability.
    5. Temporary disability, after all accrued sick leave is exhausted. Use of accrued annual/FNW leave before leave of absence without pay for such purpose is an option available to the employee.
    6. Leave due to work-connected injury as defined by the workers' compensation laws.
    7. Leave requested under the FMLA for any of the following reasons (only available to employees who have worked for 12 months and at least 1250 hours in the preceding 12 months):
      • To care for the employee’s child after birth, or placement for adoption or foster care;
      • To care for the employee’s spouse, son, daughter, or parent, who has a serious health condition;
      • For a serious health condition that makes the employee unable to perform the employee’s job;
      • For military caregivers leave (26 weeks); or
      • For a qualifying exigency arising because a family member is called to active duty status in support of a contingency operation. 
  3. Any authorized period of absence where leave without pay or a combination of leave with pay and leave without pay cannot exceed 180 calendar days. Otherwise, the employee shall forfeit reinstatement privileges and be separated from State service. In extenuating circumstances, the President, at his/her discretion, may extend the period of leave to a total of 365 calendar days without a break in service.
  4. Up to ten working days of leave without pay for any reason other than disability or military duty requires authorization by the appropriate vice president.  Authorization by the President is required for longer absences without pay.
  5. During a period of leave without pay, it is the employee's responsibility to pay for all insurance premiums that are normally payroll deductible plus the employer's share of such premiums. If the employee is covered under FMLA, the employer's share will be waived for a period of 12 weeks.  Before going on leave, the employee should contact the Human Resources office to make the necessary arrangements to remit these payments at the appropriate time during the leave period.
  6. It is also the employee's responsibility to immediately notify the supervisor, who should in turn notify the Human Resources office of any necessary change in the requested leave dates. For absences of more than one week, the employee should confirm the return date as soon as possible.
  7. Direct deposit may be suspended during periods of leave without pay. The Payroll Department staff will calculate pay based on hours work in the current month rather than deducting leave without pay the following month.  Direct deposit may be reinstated after maintaining a positive leave balance for three consecutive months.

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