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Types of Programs

Trident Tech offers different types of programs to help you reach your goals.

Academic Programs

Trident Technical College offers three types of academic programs:

  • Certificates are short-term credentials that may be completed in one to three semesters. Some certificates prepare students for jobs; others help students build a portfolio of marketable skills.
  • Diplomas are mid-length programs that typically take one year to complete. Diploma programs prepare students for specific careers. In addition to coursework in the career field, diplomas include coursework in English, psychology, and other general education disciplines.
  • Associate degrees are 2-year programs. There are two types of Associate degrees: transfer and technical. Transfer Associate degrees are designed to provide students with the first two years of a 4-year bachelor’s degree. Students who complete technical associate degrees are prepared to enter the workforce in specific career fields.

To enroll in academic programs, students must be admitted to the college. Many academic programs are eligible for financial aid. Learn more about financial aid.

Continuing Education Programs

Continuing Education courses and programs are short-term training for career preparation, professional development, or personal enrichment. Students who complete continuing education courses earn continuing education units (CEUs). CEUs do not typically apply to academic programs described above; however, students may be able to apply their CEUs toward completion of an academic program if they have earned an industry-recognized credential or can demonstrate appropriate skills and knowledge for academic credit. Enrolling in Continuing Education courses does not require formal admission to the college. Learn more.

Digital Course Materials

Digital course materials are included for select courses at TTC. These courses include all materials needed for the class (including access codes) on day one. You will not need to purchase any additional materials for the course. The costs of these materials are included in your tuition and fees.

Learn more about digital course materials