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16 Admissions and Registrar

Section 16 of TTC's policies and procedures


16-0-3 Advisor Assignments

16-1-0 Admissions Policy

16-1-1 Admissions, Allied Health and Nursing Programs

16-1-7 Admissions, Academic Eligibility Criteria

16-3-1 Admissions, International Students

16-4-1 Admissions, High School Students

16-9-1 Residency


16-0-5 Grade Changes

16-0-6 Incomplete Grade, Removal of

16-1-3 Returning Students

16-1-5 Advanced Standing

16-1-6 Advanced Standing Credit for Trident Technical College Continuing Education Coursework

16-1-9 Credit Through Experiential Learning

16-5-1 Academic Standing

16-5-2 Academic and Financial Aid Suspension Appeals Committee

16-6-1 Course Withdrawal

16-6-2 Never Attended

16-7-1 Student Records, Confidentiality

16-7-2 Issuance of Transcripts

16-7-3 Student Name Change

16-7-4 Student Social Security Number Change

16-7-5 Student Major Updates

16-7-6 Sealing of Records/Removal from Class

16-10-1 Graduation, Application & Verification

16-10-2 Graduation Committee

16-10-3 Awarding of Degrees, Diplomas, and Certificates

16-10-4 Graduation, Course Substitutions

16-10-5 Catalog Applicability

If you have questions about Admissions policies and procedures in Section 16, contact the Director of Admissions.

If you have questions about Registrar policies and procedures in Section 16, contact the Registrar.