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Trident Technical College's Division of Apprenticeships and Employer Partnerships connects aspiring apprentices with local employers who are interested in starting registered apprenticeships. Students hired as apprentices receive paid on-the-job training along with in-the-classroom instruction at TTC. All tuition and other costs are covered by employer partners, financial aid and/or regional workforce development agencies. Aspiring apprentices can express interest in programs for apprenticeship. Employers register with the United States Department of Labor and sponsor apprentices in programs. TTC is successfully partnering with aspiring apprentices and employers to train the next generation of skilled workers.

Charleston Regional Youth Apprenticeships

Charleston Regional Youth Apprenticeships prepare rising high school juniors and seniors for rewarding careers in a variety of fields. Students earn high school and college credit and industry recognized certificates.

Employer Resources

Would you like access to a pool of talented and qualified potential employees? Trident Technical College is your resource.

Workforce Training

No matter your industry, one characteristic successful businesses share in common is a motivated, productive workforce. That’s why Trident Technical College offers customized workforce training programs designed to achieve your business goals by challenging and motivating your employees to work more efficiently and effectively. Fully-customized training is available for employees at all levels, from entry to management, in areas such as:

  • Computer and Information Technology
  • Health Care
  • Manufacturing, Industrial and Construction
  • Professional and Organizational Development
  • Culinary Team Building