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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Area Commission
  3. Information Technology
  4. Plans and Analysis
  5. Marketing
  6. Financial Affairs
  7. Facilities Management
  8. Human Resources and Employee Relations

    8-0-0 Non-Discrimination of Persons with Disabilities Policy

    8-1-0 Affirmative Action and Non-Discrimination Policy

    8-1-1 Employment Practices

    8-1-3 Establishment and Classification of Positions

    8-1-4 Teacher and Employee Retention Incentive Program (TERI)

    8-2-0 Sexual Harassment and Unprofessional Conduct

    8-2-1 Sexual Harassment and Unprofessional Conduct: Reporting, Investigation, Resolution and Grievance Process

    8-3-2 Hazardous Weather

    8-4-1 Personnel Work Schedules and Overtime Compensation

    8-4-2 Employment of Temporary Faculty

    8-4-3 Employment of Temporary Classified Employees

    8-4-4 Adjunct Faculty Salary

    8-5-1 Faculty, Teaching

    8-5-3 English Fluency Requirements for Faculty Employment

    8-5-4 Intellectual Property Rights

    8-6-1 Political Activity

    8-7-1 Employee Alcohol/Drug Use

    8-8-1 Employment Verification

    8-8-2 Background Checks

    8-9-0 Conflict of Interest Policy/Ethics, Government Accountability & Campaign Reform Act of 1991

    8-9-1 Honorariums, Gratuities, and Gifts

    8-9-2 Prohibition of Unauthorized Use of College Assets/Information

    8-9-3 Solicitation and Distribution of Non-College Related Materials

     8-9-4 Employee Recognition, Official and Unofficial

    8-10-1 Employee Terminations

    8-12-1 Personnel Files

    8-13-1 Leave Records

    8-13-2 Leave, Temporary Disability

    8-13-3 Leave Without Pay

    8-13-4 Workers' Compensation

    8-13-5 Employee Assistance Guidelines

    8-13-6 Employee Leave Transfer Program

    8-13-8 Faculty Non-Work Days

    8-13-10 Employee Benefits, Employer-Contributed Insurance & Retirement

    8-14-1 Secondary Employment

    8-15-1 Classified Employees Compensation

    8-16-1 Orientation, New Employees

    8-16-2 Telecommuting

    8-17-1 Holidays

    8-18-1 Employment of Relatives (Nepotism)

    8-19-0 Statement of Ethical Principles for Employees

    8-21-0 Whistleblower Policy

    8-21-1 Whistleblower Procedure

    8-22-1 Records Retention

  9. Development
  10. Procurement and Inventory Control
  11. Auxiliary Enterprises and Printing Services
  12. Public Safety
  13. Division of Education
  14. Intentionally Left Blank for Future Use
  15. Intentionally Left Blank for Future Use
  16. Admissions and Registrar
  17. Student Services

NUMBER: 8-13-1 APPROVED DATE: 09-13-1999


SBTCE Policy 8-3-100 Annual Leave

SBTCE Policy 8-3-102 Sick Leave

PURPOSE: To establish Trident Technical College's (TTC) process to maintain accurate leave records on all employees in accordance with the Personnel Procedures Manual of the State Board for Technical and Comprehensive Education.

  1. Leave Records:  TTC’s Human Resources office will maintain leave records on all employees in full-time equivalent (FTE) positions.
  2. Accumulated Leave:  The individual employee leave records will reflect accumulated annual and sick leave balances on a monthly basis.
  3. Leave Balance Statement:  By the 15th of each month, the Human Resources office will provide each employee with a report of hours accumulated via the on-line leave system. Each employee should report all discrepancies within ten days of receipt of the monthly report. Otherwise, TTC presumes the reported balance is accurate and it becomes the employee’s official balance for the reporting period.
  4. Leave with pay for 10 or Fewer Consecutive Workdays:  Leave with pay for 10 or fewer workdays may be authorized solely on the Monthly Time Sheet (TTC Form T3-43). Authorization for Extended Absence from Regular Duties (TTC Form T3-25) is required for all leave without pay and for any leave of more than 10 consecutive workdays.  Supervisors should send TTC Form T3-25 to the Human Resources Office as soon as they are aware of the applicable absence.

Updated: 07-14-2009

Updated: 06-07-2017