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8-17-1 Holidays


NUMBER:  8-17-1          APPROVED DATE:  07-23-2003


PURPOSE:  To provide guidelines for use and observance of holidays.  
All employees in full-time equivalent positions of Trident Technical College (hereafter referred to as “employees”) will observe holidays specified in the planning calendar, which is published by Academic Affairs, as noted below.  

College Closed Holidays

1. New Year’s Day: January 1

2. Independence Day: July 4

3-4. Thanksgiving: Fourth Thursday and Friday in November 

5-7. Christmas: December 24, 25 and 26 

College Closed to Public Holidays

On the following holidays, when the College is closed to the public, employees may work.

8. Martin Luther King’s Birthday *: Third Monday in January 
9. National Memorial Day*:  Last Monday in May 

10.  Labor Day*:  First Monday in September 

*See below

Holidays designated for use during the Winter Break

11. President's Day:  Third Monday in February    

12. Confederate Memorial Day: May 10

13. Veteran's Day:  November 11

When a holiday falls on Saturday or Sunday it shall be observed the preceding Friday or the following Monday.

Classified Employees

Employees required to work on New Year’s Day, Independence Day, the Thanksgiving holidays, or the Christmas holidays, will be given compensatory time to use within one year from the date of the holiday.

All non-exempt employees shall be compensated for all holiday compensatory time upon separation from employment. Exempt employees shall not be paid for unused holiday compensatory time upon separation of employment.

For classified employees, the state-authorized holidays, which are taken during the college’s Winter break, include Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, the day after Christmas, Presidents’ Day, Confederate Memorial Day, Veterans’ Day, and New Year’s Day.

*Employees who worked on Martin Luther King’s Birthday, National Memorial Day, and/or Labor Day will use those days any time within the same calendar year after they earn them with supervisor approval.  This is designed to give the employee more flexibility.


Faculty members should refer to TTC Policy 8-13-8 for guidelines on Faculty Non-Work days and observance of holidays.

Note: Election Day (the first Tuesday following the first Monday in November) in even ending years is a day when the college will be closed to the public (except for the polling area) but will be a regular workday for employees.

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