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8-8-1 Employment Verification


NUMBER:  8-8-1          APPROVED DATE:  05-01-1985

  1. Employment verification shall be defined as the act of providing employment-related information about employees (current or former, permanent or temporary) to persons outside of the College.
  2. Requests for employment verification must be in writing and signed by the applicant. Supervisors should transfer any related telephone calls to the Human Resources Office.
  3. Only staff members assigned to the Human Resources Office are authorized to release information for employment verification. When appropriate, the Human Resources Office will consult with supervisors when completing verifications, particularly those requested by prospective employers. Any requests received by other offices should be forwarded to Human Resources immediately for completion.
  4. Copies of employment verifications will become a part of an employee's official personnel file.

Updated: 08-28-2009

Reviewed: 03-21-2016