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12 Public Safety

Section 12 of TTC's policies and procedures

12-1-0 Public Safety Policy

12-1-1 Emergency Response, Evacuations, and Drills

12-1-2 Emergencies, Campus

12-1-3 Parking, Special Functions

12-1-4 Traffic Control, Parking, and Reserved Parking

12-1-5 Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Statistics Act

12-1-6 Weapons on Campus

12-1-7 Children on Campus

12-1-8 Sexual Assault Procedure

12-1-9 Animals on Campus

12-2-0 Security of Institutional Buildings & Equipment Policy

12-2-1 Building Security

12-2-2 Laboratory, Clinic, Classroom, and Office Security

12-3-1 Identification of Faculty/Staff Personnel

12-4-0 Emergency Alert System (EAS) Registration for TTC Employees Policy

12-4-1 Emergency Alert System (EAS) Registration for TTC Employees

12-5-0 Youth Protection Policy

12-5-1 Youth Protection