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What To Expect At TTC


Trident Technical College is a place where you can shine. We offer associate degrees, diplomas and certificates in more than 150 programs of study, so you have many options. Trident Tech instructors are experts in their fields as well as knowledgeable and friendly advisors who act as partners in your educational journey. The college also offers many student support services to make sure your time here is successful, including Orientation, Counseling and Career Development, The Learning Center (with free academic help) and more. A diverse student body will make you feel at home at Trident Technical College, and student activities and active student organizations allow you to be a part of things.

Credit vs. Non-credit courses

Credit courses are for students who wish to earn credit toward an academic degree, such as an associate degree, diploma or certificate. At the end of the credit course, students earn a grade and a specific number of academic credits to be applied to their college transcript. To take credit courses, students must be admitted to the college. Credit courses are offered for Fall, Spring and Summer semesters. Federal and state financial aid can be used to pay for credit courses.

Noncredit courses are professional development and personal interest courses that do not award academic credit but are eligible for Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Students do not have to be admitted to the college to take noncredit courses. Noncredit courses are offered throughout the year. Federal financial aid cannot be used to pay for noncredit courses.