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8-13-8 Faculty Non-Work Days


NUMBER:  8-13-8          APPROVED DATE:  03-02-1998


PURPOSE: To establish Trident Technical College's (TTC) guidelines and conditions for granting and observing faculty non-work days. 

Faculty includes all college personnel whose primary responsibility is direct classroom instruction or a combination of instructional, supervisory and/or management responsibilities in direct support of instruction including professional librarians.  

  1. Faculty members do not accrue annual leave or holiday leave.  Faculty in full-time equivalent positions, are granted twenty-three (23) non-work days, per thirty-nine (39) week academic term (fall and spring semesters) inclusive of holidays (as observed by the college). In addition, a system to grant bonus non-work days is as follows:

    10 years but less than 15 years of continuous State service 1 additional day; 
    15 years but less than 20 years of continuous State service 2 additional days;
    20 or more years of continuous State service 3 additional days.

    TTC grants Faculty non-work days based on the number of completed academic years of continuous State service as of the beginning of the fall term. Faculty members are required to observe the scheduled non-work days, unless the Divisional Dean and the Vice President of Academic Affairs/designee grants specific prior approval in writing.  TTC schedules a number of faculty non-work days/in-service days are also scheduled within the academic planning calendar.  With approval from the supervisor, a faculty member may use the balance of his/her granted non-work days on these days.

    Faculty members may use Faculty non-work days not scheduled in the academic planning calendar as emergency leave days with prior written approval of the Division Dean AND the Vice President of Academic Affairs/designee.  Faculty emergency leave days are taken in full-day increments.  Faculty non-work days not scheduled in the academic calendar and not taken as emergency leave days by the end of the academic term may be carried forward in accordance with Section II of this procedure.

    Full-time faculty members employed during the summer term(s) are granted additional non-work days at the rate of .38 days per week worked, not to exceed five (5)days.  Faculty members working less than a full load during the summer are granted non-work days on a pro-rata basis.

    TTC will grant non-work days to full-time faculty members employed after the start of the fall term and/or who leave employment before the end of the spring term on a pro-rata basis.  TTC will use the formula of twenty-three (23) non-work days/thirty-nine (39) weeks = .59 days (for each week worked).  Bonus days are not included in the percent, but TTC adds them to the total days that the formula provided. Non-work days taken are subtracted from the eligible days upon termination.

  2. Faculty may carry forward up to five (5) unused non-work days each academic year up to a maximum of forty-five (45) days.  Once carried forward, banked non-work days may be taken, with the written approval of the technical college president or his/her designee.  Upon a faculty member's separation from the Technical College System, or if a faculty member moves to a non-faculty position within the Technical College System, a lump sum payment will be made for banked and unused non-work days, not to exceed forty-five (45) days, and without deducting any non-work days granted and taken during the year in which the faculty member separates.  Upon the death of a faculty member while in active service, the estate of the deceased faculty member shall be entitled to the lump sum payment not to exceed forty-five (45) days.
  3. TTC's president has approved flexibility when scheduling non-work days for deans, librarians, and faculty members within the Division of Continuing Education and Economic Development.  However, these faculty members must use or bank these non-work days before the beginning of the new academic year in accordance with Section II of this procedure. 
  4. Other leave with pay for faculty will be administered in accordance with the respective college procedure for sick leave, family sick leave, adoption leave, organ donor leave, voting leave, jury leave, elections, volunteer blood drives, bone marrow donations, court leave, short term military training and death in immediate family.

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