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8-4-2 Employment of Temporary Faculty


NUMBER:  8-4-2          APPROVED DATE:  01-31-2005


PURPOSE: To define the process for employment of adjunct faculty.

Temporary Employee – a full-time or part-time employee who does not occupy an FTE position, whose employment is not to exceed one year, and who is not a covered employee. S.C. Ann. 8-17-320. Under no circumstances will a temporary employee who has worked twelve (12) consecutive months continue working unless there has been a break in service of no less than fifteen (15) calendar days.

1. Deans, Department Heads, and/or Academic Coordinators will identify faculty needs for the Employment Manager who will then develop and implement advertisements and other recruiting tools.

2. Human Resources staff will refer applications to the appropriate academic department. Also, Human Resources staff will maintain a record of distribution of application via NEOGOV.

3. Department Heads and/or Academic Coordinators shall be responsible for determining whether candidates are suitable. Appropriate departmental staff should review application files at least once a term. Human Resources staff will archive applications via     NEOGOV.

4. For new adjunct faculty, appropriate departmental staff should immediately forward applications to the Human Resources Department along with the following completed and signed documents for completion and processing of hiring:

o New Temporary Instructor Data Sheet (T3-112)
o Disclosure and Authorization to Obtain Information (T3-107)

Appropriate departmental staff will send new adjunct contracts to Human Resources by the deadline established by Payroll

5. Employees are eligible for health coverage benefits in accordance with the Public Employee Benefits Authority (PEBA) guidelines unless one of the following apply:

Non-Instructional staff and CE (non-credit) adjunct employees who work less than thirty (30) hours per week.

Credit adjunct faculty who work less than thirty (30) hours per week as calculated by using the Safe Harbor Method1.

Temporary employees who are employed in multiple positions that run concurrently who work or have service hours less than a combined total of thirty (30) hours per week.

Employees are eligible for retirement benefits under the SC Retirement System (SCRS) or State Optional Retirement Program (ORP).

6. When an adjunct is re-employed for consecutive terms, the Temporary Employment Agreement (along with the Dual Employment request, if appropriate) and either an Election or Non-Election for the State Retirement System are the only required forms. However, if a temporary instructor has been off the payroll for six months or more Human Resources requires the Faculty and Staff Authorization for Direct Deposit (T3-21), Federal W-4 and either an Election or Non-Election for the Statement Retirement System with the new agreement. Agreements for temporary instructors with a break in service of one year or greater are considered new adjunct faculty. Also, departmental administrative assistants should give any returning adjuncts who did not work fall semester a Part-Time Faculty Handbook; departmental administrative assistants should attach the Handbook Acknowledgment form to the employment contract.

7. Adjunct temporary employment agreements exceeding thirty (30) hours per week require the Vice President of Academic Affair's written approval via completion of the Request for Temporary Instructor Contract Exceeding 30 Hours/Week. This includes temporary employees with multiple contracts at TTC.

8. For pay rates of $30 or less per hour, Deans may delegate signature authority to Department Heads. However, contracts with pay rates of more than $30 per hours must be signed by the appropriate Dean and by the Vice President for Academic Affairs or his/her designee.

9. The Part-Time Faculty Handbook contains a pay schedule for adjunct faculty. However, managers or their designees should inform dual employment faculty from other State agencies that the issuance of their initial check is contingent upon approval from the primary State agency. Consequently, the dual employment faculty pay schedule may not adhere to the published pay schedule.

10. Prior to terminating a temporary employee whose contract has not ended, the supervisor must consult with his/her Vice President and the Human Resources Director. This consultation is not necessary when the supervisor does not renew a contract that has expired.

1Safe Harbor Method (Service Hours Calculation) - Allows 2.25 hours of service (representing a combination of teaching or classroom time and time performing related tasks such as class preparation and grading of examinations or papers) per week for each hour of teaching or classroom time.

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