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Alumni & Friends

Ambitious. Determined. Proud.

Since 1964, tens of thousands of students have chosen Trident Technical College to achieve their educational goals. 

We are proud of our alumni, who are making a difference in South Carolina and beyond.

Whether you took one class or have multiple degrees, we hope you'll stay in touch and stay connected to your TTC family! 

Alumni Updates
Behind every Trident Technical College alumnus is a journey of triumph over adversity, of overcoming obstacles and defying expectations. You are a symbol of possibility, inspiring future generations to dream big, work hard and never give up on your dreams. Share your story and inspire others!

College Central Job Search
The TTC Employment Center has launched a brand new job search site exclusively for Trident Tech students and alumni! If you are looking for a job or would like to hire the best graduates around, look no further than Trident Tech College Central.

Check Us Out
You are welcome to come back and use any of Trident Tech's libraries. Contact us at to request your alumni card.