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Areas of Interest



Business careers are dynamic and can be as varied as your interests. Potential career fields include accounting, management, human resources, real estate and property management, office administration, hospitality, marketing, supply chain management and transportation logistics. Whether you want to work in small business, entrepreneurship, government or international business, business employees are always in demand. Learn More >

Culinary and Hospitality

Culinary and hospitality professionals are vital to the tourism industry. Culinary professionals work in a wide variety of settings, such as in health care, sales, catering, research and development, sports and nutrition, private homes, and, of course, in restaurants, clubs, hotels and resorts. They might also be employed as kitchen managers, work in retail or even write cookbooks and articles for culinary publications. Learn More >


Education offers employment in many rewarding fields. You may be employed as a child care worker, teacher assistant or teacher. With further education, some teachers move on to become principals and administrators. The Child and Youth Studies department at Trident Technical College is dedicated to preparing students for employment in settings that include child care centers, school classrooms or home care that serves young and school-age children (birth through age 17) and their families, including children with special developmental and learning needs. Learn More >

Engineering and Manufacturing

Engineering and manufacturing professionals are involved in every structure and machine that we rely on from day to day. The cars we drive, the planes we fly in, the homes we live in, even the medical devices that help prolong our lives — all consist of the work of engineering and manufacturing professionals. They turn a piece of metal into a work of art, install electrical power systems and fiber optics networks, design and construct homes, roads and bridges, build and repair vehicles and planes, and conduct asbestos abatement. Learn More >

Health, Human and Personal Services

The demand for health care and personal services professionals is growing. As the baby-boom generation ages and people remain active later in life, health care and personal services industries will need more professionals in a wider variety of fields. These fields include health information management, human services, medical assisting, massage therapy, sterile processing, EMT, radiology, dental services, nursing, fitness, nutrition, and even cosmetology and veterinary care. Learn More >

Information Technology

Information technology professionals plan, coordinate and direct computer-related projects. They help organizations determine their information technology goals and are responsible for implementing computer systems and software to meet those goals. Those who work specifically with network systems design, implement, secure and manage business networks, which consists of jobs as help desk and PC support, network administrator, network manager, designer and engineer, and Linux/UNIX system administrator or network security specialist. Careers in information systems require fluency in programming languages such as JavaScript, Java, JQuery, PHP, SQL, CSS and HTML. Learn More >

Law and Criminal Justice

Law and criminal justice professionals study and apply the law in order to make a difference in their communities. Every community needs to protect people, property, infrastructure, data and personal information in a variety of settings. As security concerns have increased, some occupations in the field have become among the nation’s fastest growing careers. These career opportunities include police officer, security guard, forensic investigator, private detective, cyber security analyst and transportation security officer, among others. And many of these criminal justice professionals must earn and retain their SLED Safeguard SC certifications. Other law professionals conduct research, draft official documents, assist attorneys who provide legal advice and present cases in court.  Learn More >

Maintenance and Technical Trades

Maintenance and technical trade professionals repair and maintain mechanical equipment, machines, buildings and grounds. Careers in maintenance and technical trades include jobs in aeronautics, automotive, heating and air conditioning, electricity, manufacturing, construction, horticulture and welding. Learn More >

Media and Visual Arts

Media and visual arts professionals have careers in film and media production, graphic design, multimedia, photography, podcasting and website design. Film production offers a number of opportunities in specialty areas – including camera, sound, lighting and grip, rigging, sets and props, and post-production editing. Media arts can lead to jobs in radio, television and video production. Visual arts plays a role in nearly every business and every area of our lives. Visual artists work as graphic designers, animators, photographers and web/social media design specialists across a wide range of media in business, education, science, medicine, government, marketing and communications. Learn More >

Personal Interest

Personal Interest noncredit continuing education courses allow you to enjoy being a lifelong learner. Love the freedom that comes from riding your motorcycle on the open road? In our Motorcycle Safety course, learn proven techniques and vehicle maintenance tips to stay safe on the road. Whether you are a first time learner or seeking a refresher, this course teaches life-saving techniques on how to handle your bike to ride safely and prevent accidents. Or perhaps you have accumulated penalty points against your driver’s license? Get up to four points credited when you complete our Defensive Driving course. You may also qualify for an insurance discount. Learn More >

Transportation and Logistics

Trident Technical College offers programs that prepare you for jobs in aeronautics that lead to national licensing or certifications for airframe and powerplant, supply chain management, marine engineering technology, marine stewardship, automotive servicing, commercial truck driving and more. With one of the busiest port facilities on the U.S. East Coast, the demand for workers in the transportation and logistics sectors of the local economy has never been higher. Trident Tech provides hands-on training with state-of-the-art equipment and experienced instructors to prepare you with the skills and knowledge employers are seeking.  Learn More >

University Transfer

Trident Technical College’s transfer programs are designed to help students make a seamless transition to a four-year college. If your goal is a bachelor’s degree or higher, you can begin your studies at TTC. Trident offers transfer associate degrees in Arts and Sciences for students who want to complete the first two years of the bachelor’s and then transfer as juniors. There are also transfer certificate programs for students who want to transfer as soon as they have earned enough transfer hours to qualify. Learn More >

Youth Programs

Trident Technical College offers high school students several opportunities to get an early start on their college education and professional careers with the Dual Credit, Early Admit and youth apprenticeship programs, and offers fun and educational noncredit programs for youth ages 7-17. Learn More >