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NUMBER: 16-7-6 APPROVED DATE: 01-31-2001

BASED ON POLICY NUMBER AND TITLE: 16-1-0 Admissions Policy

PURPOSE: To outline the cases in which Trident Technical College seals student records and removes students from class rosters.

    The Finance Department seals the records of a student with outstanding financial obligations, including unpaid tuition and fees, returned checks, library fines and financial aid overpayments. After the registration cycle, the Finance Department purges  a student from class roster(s) who has a balance due for tuition and fees after the payment deadline.  Students with sealed records are unable to receive transcripts or credentials until they pay financial obligations, at which time the Finance office will unseal records.
    The Vice President for Student Services or the Student Code Hearing Committee have the authority to suspend or expel a student who violates the Student Code. The Vice President for Student Services notifies the Registrar to seal a student's education record when the College places a student on disciplinary suspension or expulsion.  The Registrar will then remove the student from the class roster(s). Refer to the South Carolina Technical System Procedure 3-2-106.1, The Student Code for South Carolina Technical College System.
    The Registrar removes students on academic suspension from all class rosters, and these students cannot register for the semester of active suspension unless the student receives approval for an academic suspension appeal or registers for approved courses through the Counseling and Career Development office.  When the Registrar removes academic suspension, the student may again register. Refer to TTC Procedure 16-5-1, Academic Probation and Suspension and TTC Procedure 16-5-2, Academic and Financial Aid Suspension Appeals Committee.

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