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NUMBER: 16-6-2 APPROVED DATE: 06-13-2006


PURPOSE: To provide guidance for removing students from a course who register for the course and never attend.

Students who register for a course, but faculty report as never attending the course, are dropped at the beginning of the term.

  1. Instructor Responsibility
    Instructors report all enrolled students who never attended their courses by the published deadline for each instructional term.

  2. Registrar's Office Responsibility
    The Registrar's office informs instructors of the deadlines for each instructional term. The Registrar's office drops all course enrollments marked as never attended. Courses that students never attend will not appear on the student's transcript and do not count in the fundable FTE. 

  3. Finance Division Responsibility  
    In accordance with the College's refund policy, the Finance Division refunds 100% of any tuition paid for course enrollments dropped as a result of never attending.

  4. Financial Aid/Veteran's Assistance Office Responsibility  
    In accordance with College, state, and federal financial aid/VA policies and guidelines the Financial Aid/VA offices adjust awards for students whose course enrollment changes due to a never attended course drop.

  5. Student Responsibility
    Students may request re-instatement to courses dropped for never attending by contacting the Academic Dean(s) responsible for the course(s) in question if there was a college related error in the reporting of the student as never attending.  Students must alert the Financial Aid/VA office regarding any adjustments to their course enrollment as a result of re-instatement.


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