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NUMBER: 16-10-2 APPROVED DATE: 07-29-1997

The Graduation Committee is responsible for the planning, development, and implementation of the annual spring Commencement program. The College President appoints the chairperson of the committee and provides committee membership.

    1. Select Graduation committee members, with President's approval.
    2. Communicate ceremony information to faculty and staff
    3. Ensure academic protocol at the ceremony.
    4. Initiate  and monitor contract, communicate set-up and serve as a liaison with the selected graduation location.
    5. Schedule meeting at the ceremony location.
    6. Contact and provide arrangements to the ceremony photographer.
    7. Prepare all ceremony flyers and announcements to be posted or mailed to students.
    8. Oversee students' and President's invitation order.
    9. Conduct meetings of the Graduation Committee and provide meeting minutes. 
    10. Review and approve the ceremony agenda and printed program.
    11. Coordinate sound check on the day of the ceremony.
    12. Confirm directional signs for platform participants and graduates, faculty, and guest.
    13. Provide stage and other set-up arrangements for the diploma, platform participants, registrar, and bookstore tables and degree information for academic deans.
    14. Communicate with academic deans about seating arrangements and processional/recessional line-up.
    15. Propose and monitor a graduation budget and approve all requisitions.
    16. Monitor the activities of all subcommittees and initiate action when needed.
    17. Manage all aspects of the graduation ceremony.
    18. Assign subcommittee
      1. The Chairperson shall convene subcommittees to handle the business of the graduation committee.  The subcommittees are listed below.  Responsibilities of each subcommittee will be maintained by the Graduation Committee Chairperson
        1. President's Subcommittee
        2. Bookstore Subcommittee
        3. Faculty/Student Marshal Subcommittee
        4. Rehearsal Subcommittee
        5. Processional/Recessional Subcommittee
        6. Registrar's Subcommittee
        7. Security Subcommittee
        8. Purchasing Subcommittee
        9. Students/Guests with Disabilities Subcommittee
        10. Ceremony Announcer Subcommittee
        11. Marketing Subcommittee
        12. Audio/Visual Subcommittee
        13. Administrative Support
  2. The Chairperson will be responsible for organizing an annual meeting with the College President shortly after the Annual Graduation Ceremony to review current ceremony practices.  Attendees will include, but are not limited to the College President, the Graduation Committee Chairperson, the Graduation Committee Vice Chairperson, the Graduation Ceremony Announcer and at least one person from the President's Subcommittee.
    It is the responsibility of the College Registrar to determine the deadline for applying for graduation and participation in the graduation ceremony.
    Graduates participating in the ceremony receive blank diploma covers. Actual diplomas are mailed to graduates four to six weeks following the Commencement ceremony after the Registrar has reviewed each applicant's file and confirmed that degree requirements have been met.  Communication will be sent to graduates when the diplomas are available

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