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16-10-4 Graduation, Course Substitutions


NUMBER:  16-10-4          APPROVED DATE:  01-03-1996

PURPOSE:  To allow course substitutions to be made for courses required for graduation.

    To initiate a graduation substitution, an academic advisor should complete Form T5-17.  Upon completing the appropriate portions of the form, the advisor may have a student for whom the substitution is to be granted sign the form.  In turn the advisor will sign, date, and forward to the respective department head/division dean.
    If approved, the department head/divisional dean will sign, date, and forward to the Registrar, except in instances when the requested substitution is to the core curriculum.  In these cases, the signature of the Vice President for Academic Affairs (or designee) is also required.
    Course substitutions may be appropriate accommodations for students with certain types of disabilities.  If a counselor with Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) recommends a course substitution as an accommodation, the SSD recommendation should be sent to the acacemic dean on the Faculty Notification form.  It is the responsibbility of the academic dean of the student's program to determine, based on the program and essential competencies required to complete the program for employability in the field, whether the accommodation is reasonable and to recommend the course(s) that can be substituted, if appropriate.  If the substitution is for a core curriculum course, the dean should consult with the Assistant Vice President (AVP) of Academic Programs in selecting the alternative course.  The AVP must approve all substitutions to the core curriculum.

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