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NUMBER: 16-0-6 APPROVED DATE: 02-14-1996

BASED ON POLICY NUMBER AND TITLE: SBTCE 3-2-105 Grading System and Standards of Student Progress

PURPOSE:  To identify requirements for awarding an incomplete grade to a student. 
  1. Criteria for Awarding an "Incomplete"
    An Incomplete grade ("I") may be awarded at the discretion of an instructor if a student's work is passing and the student can provide justification for not being able to complete the course requirements by the end of a semester.
  2. Instructor Responsibility
    When the student has completed of all course assignments, the instructor submits a Change of Grade Request form to the appropriate department head for authorization.  The department head will then forward the form to the academic dean who will approve and forward it to the  Registrar's office indicating the letter grade awarded (see TTC Procedure 16-0-5).
  3. Monitoring Incomplete Requirements 
    If the instructor is not employed by the college the following semester, it is the instructor's responsibility to forward to the academic dean a description of what the student must accomplish to remove the "I" from the student's official college record. The academic dean then monitors, or assigns responsibility for monitoring the completion of course requirements.
  4. Status of an "Incomplete"
    No semester hours or grade points are accumulated for course work graded "I" until the student completes all assignments.  If the student does not complete all work or the instructor/academic designee does not submit a Change of Grade Request form by the end of term 1 of the next semester, the "I" grade converts to an "F" grade on the student's official college  record.  A student receiving an "I" grade in term 1 or term 2 within a semester will have until the end of term 1 of the next semester (the next full 15 week semester) to complete all coursework or the "I" grade converts to an "F" grade.

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