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12-1-4 Traffic Control, Parking, and Reserved Parking


NUMBER:  12-1-4          APPROVED DATE:  08-26-1997


PURPOSE:  To provide traffic control and parking regulations on Trident Technical College campuses.

  1. To maintain safety and to minimize parking inconveniences, all faculty, staff, students, and visitors should comply with all traffic and parking regulations, signage, and lawful directions of Public Safety officers or other law enforcement officers having jurisdiction on TTC property.
  2. Faculty and staff are authorized to park in designated faculty/staff parking spaces upon the display of valid faculty/staff decals or temporary decal cards.  Faculty/staff decals are  issued by Public Safety at the Main Campus and by the Business Offices on Palmer, Berkeley and Mount Pleasant Campuses.  Temporary decal cards are issued by Public Safety on all four campuses.
  3. Faculty, staff, students or visitors with disabilities who require handicapped parking must display a placard or licenses plates (South Carolina or another state) in/on their vehicles while parked in a handicapped parking space on campus.  Properly marked vehicles may park in designated handicapped parking spaces on campus.  If there are no available handicapped parking spaces, students and visitors may park in faculty/staff spaces  Parking in fire lanes, "no parking" areas, or in other areas that may interfere with traffic is prohibited.
  4. Faculty, staff, and students with temporary disabilities requiring the use of a TTC handicapped parking space should contact the office of Services for Students with Disabilities.  A temporary TTC handicapped decal allowing temporary handicapped parking privileges on TTC campuses may be obtained with proper documentation.  Temporary decals do not permit parking in handicapped parking spaces off campus.
  5. To be legally parked in a TTC handicapped parking space, a vehicle must properly display a valid handicapped parking placard or license plate, or a temporary TTC handicapped decal.  The vehicle must also be use in the transport of the person to whom the placard, plate, or temporary decal was issued.
  6. For any other parking requests or concerns related to the Americans with Disabilities Act, contact the Director of Human Resources.
  7. Reserved or blocked parking for events at the College Center must be authorized by the President's Office or the Events Coordinator.  Reserved or blocked parking for other areas must be approved in advance by the President's Office.

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