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12-1-2 Emergencies, Campus


NUMBER:  12-1-2          APPROVED DATE:  08-26-1997


PURPOSE:  To establish institutional plans and responses for emergency situations at or near Trident Technical College campuses.

  1. Trident Technical College's Emergency Plan provides guidelines and processes for planning and responding to campus emergencies.
  2. All emergencies should be reported to Public Safety immediately.  The emergency number is 843-574-6911 (6911 on campus phones).
  3. Emergency phones are available in buildings and parking lots.  In case of a telephone outage, Public Safety may be reached by calling 843-572-1642, which is a backup emergency line.
  4. Crimes and other emergencies on or immediately adjacent to TTC campuses may also be reported to local police, fire, or EMS, who should relay the information to Public Safety.
  5. When reporting crimes or emergencies to Public Safety or local authorities, please provide:
    1. Your name
    2. Your exact location and the exact location of the incident
    3. The phone number from where you are calling
    4. The description of injuries, if any, and need for medical assistance
    5. Immediate details of the incident (where it occurred, how long ago, etc.)
    6. Information about the suspect (name, physical description, clothing description, direction of flight,description of vehicle, etc.)

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