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12-1-6 Weapons and Animals


NUMBER:  12-1-6          APPROVED DATE:  08-07-2001


PURPOSE:  To provide procedures for having Weapons and Animals on Trident Technical College's Campuses and Sites. 

The Public Safety Department strives to provide a safe and secure environment for all members of the campus community.

    To ensure a safe and secure environment for all members of the campus community, firearms are not allowed in any building, premises or property owned, operated or controlled by TTC except where allowed by law for law enforcement or military purposes.*
    Under state law, a person may transport pistols, rifles or shotguns in their vehicles. The College prohibits the removal of these firearms from the vehicle and the carrying of such firearms into any building or area adjacent thereto such as a parking lot on campus. Persons holding concealed weapon permits under the Law Abiding Citizens Self Defense Act of 1996 are prohibited from carrying firearms onto TTC. This applies to any firearm or replica of a firearm in an assembled or unassembled condition.
    Anyone who violates this policy is in violation of Section 16-23-420 of the South Carolina Code of Laws as amended and is subject to arrest and criminal prosecution with a minimum penalty of $5000 fine and five years imprisonment or both. In compliance with SC Code section 16-23-420, the President or her designee are specifically the only persons authorized to provide the express permission to waive any portion of this procedure.
    In addition, this procedure prohibits carrying any other weapon (knife, sword, blackjack, metal pipe, club, dirk, slingshot, brass knuckles, razor, or other type of weapon, object or device which may be used to inflict bodily injury or death) on campus.  This applies to any weapon or replica of a weapon in assembled or unassembled condition.
    *Law enforcement officers, active duty or reserve military or national guard personnel on duty having authorization to carry such firearms or weapons are exempt from this procedure.
    Animals are not allowed on the premises or property of TTC except for animals trained to assist the disabled, police dogs or police horses, or animals used for educational purposes in academic programs.  The feeding of animals (feral, domestic, or wildlife) on campus is prohibited with the exception of those animals treated by the Veterinary Technology Program or animals trained to assist persons with disabilities.

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