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NUMBER: 12-3-1 APPROVED DATE: 10-25-2010


Purpose:  Provide positive identification of all Trident Technical College faculty and staff personnel in support of a safe and secure campus environment and for other administrative purposes as directed by the executive leadership of TTC.  

A.  Allows all TTC employees to readily identify each other during business and non-business hours. 

B.  Provides students a method to easily recognize TTC faculty or staff in the event of an emergency, incident, or personal situation.

C.  Differentiates TTC employees from the general public and prevents misrepresentation of a non-affiliated individual as a faculty or staff member. 

     1.  TTC identification should be conspicuously displayed at all times to allow easy recognition by the campus community.  As long as it is visible, the ID may be placed in any of the following locations:

                a.   on a lanyard or other place holder around the neck (if working around equipment or machinery, a chain or other  holder around the neck should not be used.)

                b.   clipped or pinned to the upper left or right breast pocket area of a shirt or jacket

                c.   attached to a belt

     2.  It is the responsibility of all supervisors to oversee the implementation and enforcement of this policy.

D. TTC employees will have their identification card photos embedded into their Outlook profile used for internal email communications.  Due to standard officer safety protocols, Public Safety officers are the only employees exempt from this requirement.

E.  Lost or Stolen Identification Cards:  It is the responsibility of the card holder to promptly report a lost or stolen identification card to their supervisor and to Public Safety.  The card holder must immediately make arrangements for a replacement identification card by contacting Student Activities.

F.  Fraudulent Use of Identification Card:  Fraudulent use of an identification card may result in progressive disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.  Fraudulent use includes using or permitting the use of a card by a person other than to whom it was issued.

G.  Consequences for Non-Compliance:  Individuals who consistently do not wear their identification badge or refuse to wear their identification badge are subject to progressive disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.

H.  Replacement Fees:  Cards that need to be replaced due to extended use or age will be re-issued at no cost as long as the defective card is turned in upon issuance of the new card. A replacement fee applies for cards that have been lost, stolen, or damaged due to neglect or abuse.  Identification cards that are invalidated by name changes (marriage, etc.) or a change of academic or administrative title will be replaced at no cost with the return of the old card.  Proof of the change must be presented at the time application is made for a new card.

I.  Termination of Employment:  Upon termination of employment, the card holder must surrender the card to Human Resources during the clearance process with the Benefits Administrator.

Updated: 09-12-2016

Reviewed: 01-21-2021