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Maintenance and Technical Trades

Specifically, aeronautical programs prepare you for three tracks in the aviation industry that lead to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) licensing or certification for airframe and powerplant, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and National Center for Aerospace and Transportation Technologies (NCAATT) certifications, and training in the area’s growing aircraft manufacturing sector. Other programs, such as heating and air conditioning, automotive technology and electrical line worker can lead to industry licensure as well. And the growth of the industry in the Charleston region has led to new demands for welders, industrial mechanics and electricians.

Hands-on training, state-of-the-art equipment and experienced instructors at Trident Technical College provide you with the skills and knowledge employers seek. Depending on their area of interest, maintenance and technical trade professionals can get jobs in a number of different environments, from automated manufacturing, car dealerships, repair shops, hospitals, airlines, corporations and schools to resorts, golf courses, parks and nurseries.

  • Aeronautical Technologies
  • Air Conditioning/Refrigeration
  • Automotive
  • Commercial Truck Driving
  • Electrician
  • Horticulture
  • Industrial Maintenance
  • Machining
  • Mechatronics
  • Welding


Maintenance and technical trade professionals should have excellent computer skills, be good with their hands, have great eyesight and manual dexterity and be strong problem solvers and troubleshooters.

Associate Degrees

Aircraft Maintenance Technology $0 Tuition
Commercial Graphics—Photography $0 Tuition
General Technology - Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Mechanics $0 Tuition
General Technology - Automotive Technology $0 Tuition
General Technology - Avionics Maintenance Technology $0 Tuition
General Technology - Electrical Line Worker Technology $0 Tuition
General Technology – Electrician: Industrial and Construction $0 Tuition
General Technology - Industrial Maintenance $0 Tuition
General Technology - Machine Tool Technology $0 Tuition
General Technology - Marine Engineering Technology $0 Tuition
General Technology -Mechatronics $0 Tuition
General Technology - Welding $0 Tuition
Horticulture Technology $0 Tuition
Media Arts Production - Film Production $0 Tuition
Media Arts Production - Post Production $0 Tuition
Media Arts Production - TV and Media Production $0 Tuition


3D Printing Additive Manufacturing $0 Tuition
Advanced Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Mechanics $0 Tuition
Advanced Automation - Mechatronics $0 Tuition
Advanced CNC Operations $0 Tuition
Air Conditioning - Refrigeration Mechanics $0 Tuition
Aircraft Assembly Technology $0 Tuition
Aircraft Maintenance Airframe $0 Tuition
Aircraft Maintenance General $0 Tuition
Aircraft Maintenance Powerplant $0 Tuition
Athletic Field Maintenance $0 Tuition
Automotive Servicing $0 Tuition
Avionics Maintenance Technology $0 Tuition
Basic CNC Operations $0 Tuition
Basic Electronic Journeyman I $0 Tuition
Basic Industrial Work Skills $0 Tuition
Civil Drafting $0 Tuition
Commercial and Industrial ACR Systems $0 Tuition
Commercial Truck Driving $0 Tuition
CompTIA Systems Specialist $0 Tuition
Computer Numeric Control Machinist $0 Tuition
Construction Management $0 Tuition
Digital Photography $0 Tuition
Edible Crops $0 Tuition
Electrical Line Worker - Advanced $0 Tuition
Electrical Line Worker - Third Class $0 Tuition
Electrician - Construction $0 Tuition
Electrician - Industrial $0 Tuition
Facilities Maintenance $0 Tuition
Film Production $0 Tuition
Gas Metal Arc Welding Fundamentals $0 Tuition
Golf Course Maintenance $0 Tuition
Illustration $0 Tuition
Industrial Mechanic $0 Tuition
Introduction to Arc Welding $0 Tuition
Introduction to Automotive Servicing $0 Tuition
Landscape Design $0 Tuition
Landscape Management $0 Tuition
Photography $0 Tuition
Sustainable Agriculture $0 Tuition
Sustainable Horticulture and Landscaping $0 Tuition
Welding Gas Metal Arc and Flux Cored Arc $0 Tuition
Welding Gas Tungsten Arc $0 Tuition
Welding Shielded Metal Arc $0 Tuition

Workforce Training Courses (earn CEUs - Continuing Education Units)

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technician Assistant Program $0 Tuition
Basic CNC Operations
Certified Fiber Optics Technician and Specialist
Commercial Truck Driving (CDL) $0 Tuition
Defensive Driving
Forklift Training
HVAC Refrigerant EPA Certification Exam
Industrial Mechanic Technician Assistant Program
Motorcycle Safety