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Associate Degree

Horticulture Technology $0 Tuition


Arboriculture Management $0 Tuition

Athletic Field Maintenance $0 Tuition

Edible Crops $0 Tuition

Golf Course Maintenance $0 Tuition

Landscape Design $0 Tuition

Landscape Management $0 Tuition

Sustainable Agriculture $0 Tuition

Sustainable Horticulture and Landscaping $0 Tuition

What can I do in horticulture?

A horticulturist is a specialist in ornamental plants, such as trees, shrubs, flowers, palms, vegetables and grasses. The specialty can vary greatly, relating to propagation, installation, design, maintenance, retail or wholesale. Horticulturists are frequently trained in plant-related trades such as soils, pesticides, irrigation, pavers, water features, drainage, lighting, business and construction as well as horticulture sustainability.

What characteristics and skills do I need to work in this field?

Most horticulturists enjoy being outdoors, working with hands and tools, designing projects and overseeing installation and maintenance. Today’s horticulturists need computer skills as well as people skills to manage crews and work with clientele. Also, you should have no fear of getting dirty!

Where can I work?

Horticulturists can work in a variety of roles, including landscape technicians and designers, greenhouse production specialists, wholesale or retail nursery growers, golf course technicians, arboriculturists, irrigation technicians, pesticide applicators, park/plantation managers, floriculturists and lighting experts, just to name a few. As for employment outlook, plants will always be in demand, and so will knowledgeable horticulturists to propagate, sell and maintain them.

What does Trident Technical College offer?

Horticulture students are trained in many aspects of plant science, such as botany, physiology, plant identification and soils. A 3,000-square-foot instructional greenhouse provides invaluable hands-on experience. An active advisory committee and guest speakers strengthen TTC’s Horticulture Technology program. A Horticultural Sustainability certificate addresses how to conserve our natural resources and is well suited to those who are thinking about a “green” career.

Transfer Opportunity

While the two-year associate degree Horticulture program at TTC is considered a terminal job-ready degree, an opportunity exists for credit transfer for students who wish to further their education. Some Horticulture program course credits will transfer to Clemson University horticulture-related bachelor's degree programs. Interested students should contact a horticulture advisor for more information.