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Machine Tool Technology

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Basic CNC Operations

What can I do in machine tool technology?

Machinists are the sculptors of the modern age, turning a piece of metal into a work of art. Their creations form the components of many products we use every day – the cars we drive, the planes we fly in, even the medical devices that help prolong lives. Machinists use machine tools such as lathes and mills to shape these products to precise dimensions critical to the individual components’ fit, form and function. Utilizing computerized manufacturing processes, machinists accurately machine parts that can be smaller than the tip of a pencil or as big as a house.

What characteristics and skills do I need to work in this field?

Machinists need good math skills to perform the calculations to machine parts correctly. They also should have good analytical problem-solving skills so they can solve problems that arise during the machining process. Good work habits, organizational skills and a strong work ethic are also important, as employers rely on their skills to sustain the factory floor.

Where can I work?

Most machinists work in modern, air-conditioned manufacturing plants that produce products needed for industries such as aerospace, automotive and medical. However, depending on a machinist’s chosen specialty, he or she can work in automotive engine rebuilding shops, shipyards and foundries. The employment outlook for machinists is very good given the increasing demand for experienced machinists and the recent uptick in the national manufacturing sector.

What does Trident Technical College offer?

The Machine Tool Technology program offers classroom and CNC lab instruction by experienced machinists. An advisory committee of local employers provides guidance on skills that are needed for employment.