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Media and Visual Arts

Media and visual arts professionals have careers in film and media production, graphic design, multimedia, photography and website design. Film production offers a number of opportunities in specialty areas – including camera, sound, lighting and grip, rigging, sets and props, and post-production editing. Media arts can lead to jobs in radio, television and video production.

Visual Arts plays a role in nearly every business and every area of our lives. Visual artists work as graphic designers, animators, photographers and web/social media design specialists across a wide range of media in business, education, science, medicine, government, marketing and communications.

Trident Technical College’s combination of impressive facilities, extensive production equipment inventory, emphasis on the latest software and technology, application to visual literacy and communication through the arts, and outstanding faculty members place TTC in the ranks with the best media and visual arts programs.

TTC is one of the few two-year colleges in the country training students in a professional quality production facility on professional-grade film production equipment. Students in the Film, Media and Visual Arts certificate, degree and Workforce Training programs are taught by a faculty of practicing artists and designers charged with developing the next generation of creative thinkers and innovative designers. Fostering creativity in the studio and classroom helps students cultivate the critical thinking and collaboration skills needed to put them on the path to success. Our graduates play an essential role in how the world communicates, and in determining how visual communication evolves.


Patience, creativity, attention to detail and computer skills are musts in this field, as well as hand-eye coordination, technical ability, manual dexterity and visual skills. Interpersonal and communication skills are also important.

Transfer Opportunities

Students interested in transferring to a four-year college for a bachelor’s degree in media or visual arts can get their start at TTC. While some of the other programs include transfer opportunities, the Associate in Arts degree is the traditional first step for transfer students in this field. Advisors can help you select the best program and courses to meet your transfer goal.

Associate Degrees

Commercial Graphics - Animation
Commercial Graphics - Digital Media
Commercial Graphics - Graphic Design
Commercial Graphics - Photography
Media Arts Production - Film Production
Media Arts Production - Post Production
Media Arts Production - TV and Media Production
University Transfer - Associate in Arts


Art Foundations
Basic Digital Production
Computer Animation
Computer Graphics
Design Basics
Digital Marketing Communications
Digital Media Software
Digital Photography
Film Production
Multimedia Design
Online Media Production
Professional Writing
Radio Production
Social Media Design
Storytelling for the Screen
Website Design

Workforce Training Courses (earn CEUs - Continuing Education Units)

Digital Media Production
Graphic Design

Media and Visual Arts Icon

Computer Graphics
Film Production
Graphic Design
Media Arts
Website Design
Writing and Social Media
University Transfer