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13-1-1 Live Work Projects


NUMBER:  13-1-1          APPROVED DATE:  05-19-1998


Instructors may accept course-related live work from Trident Technical College faculty, staff, and students, and from the community. Acceptance of live work is at the discretion of the instructor and is determined by the need for projects which relate directly to the curriculum being taught at a given time. Live-work projects will be subject to the following:

  1. Instructors should not accept live work if it is considered to be in direct competition with local businesses and to have an adverse impact on their operation.
  2. The President or designated representative must approve TTC sponsored work which involves off-campus activities by the students.
  3. Work which results in personally-owned items being left in custody of TTC employees shall be covered by a liability release statement tailored to fit the shop concerned.
  4. Instructors will assess a shop fee in accordance with a departmental fee schedule. Identifiable materials used must either be paid for by the individual requesting the work or furnished by the individual.
  5. Tangible goods produced by students during the course may be offered to the public or through bid procedure at a price which will allow the institution to recover costs.
  6. Instructors must deposit any money received related to the above in the Business Office upon receipt.

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