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Admission Requirements

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Military/Veteran Students

You are a veteran or veteran's spouse or child or active duty personnel. Visit Military/Veterans for more information.

International Students

You are attending TTC under a student visa from a country outside the United States. Visit International Students for more information.

Previous Applicant

You have applied to the college within the last three years. Your application will still be active in our system; however, you may have unmet admission requirements or you may have to resubmit documents.

noteNOTE: SAT scores, English placement scores and ACT scores are valid for five years. Math placement scores are valid for two years. Documents submitted more than two years ago may have been destroyed in accordance with TTC’s retention policy.

  1. Complete and submit an Application Update Form.
  2. Log in to my.tridenttech.edu to check for any missing information in What’s My Application Status and complete all admission requirements.
  3. Complete orientation.

Transient Students

You are attending TTC to transfer credit back to your home institution.

  1. Apply for admission and meet the admission requirements for Nondegree Students.
  2. Provide course registration approval forms from your home institution.

Audit Students

You are enrolling in credit classes without earning any credit hours. Apply for admission and meet the admission requirements for Nondegree Students.

Senior Citizen Students

You are over 60 years of age, a legal SC resident and not employed full time. Click here for more information.