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Trident Technical College welcomes visiting students from other colleges wishing to continue their studies. You are a visiting student if you are earning a degree from another institution but wish to take courses here at TTC to transfer back to your home institution and you are not interested in completing a certificate, program or degree at TTC. Just because you're away from your current college or university campus doesn't mean you can't pick up some course credits and keep progressing toward a degree. Take a course or two from any of TTC’s five campuses or online. We are happy to assist you in meeting your educational goals at your home institution. 


Very Important: Please note that you must attend at least one full class session during the first week of classes (or fully complete the required assignment in an online or hybrid class), or your instructor will report you as “never attended” (NA) and you will be dropped from your class. You will receive a full tuition refund for the course for which you have been dropped. 

Why Choose Trident Technical College?

  • Course offerings are flexible. We offer online, hybrid, face-to-face, compressed and full-semester courses, which meet during the day and evening for Fall, Spring and Summer semesters, including Maymester and Wintermester three-week courses.
  • Tuition is often more affordable than the visiting student’s home institution.
  • Trident Tech has campuses and sites throughout the Lowcountry.

Steps to Register for Classes

STEP 1 – Meet with your home institution advisor to ensure classes taken at TTC will transfer back to your program. Note that you are responsible for ensuring that you have met the prerequisites (prior coursework and skills you will need to succeed in a course) before registering for a TTC course.

STEP 2 – Apply for admission.

Create an account on Apply Now and complete the online application, selecting “Visiting/Transient” as your student type. Once you have completed and submitted your application, you will be able to view any supplemental items needed and monitor the processing of your application on your Apply Now account.

  • Upload/submit required documentation:
    • Transient letter/form from your home institution, authorizing which classes you may take.
    • Legal presence documentation - For most students the documentation required is a clear picture/copy of a driver’s license or state issued identification card. For more details and examples of documents that can be used, please visit the SC Illegal Immigration Reform Act page.
    • If you are applying as a visiting student while on a F-1 Visa, email the TTC Admissions office at

STEP 3 – Activate and read your TTC email.

  • You will receive all future correspondence through our student email account, the complimentary email service that TTC provides to all applicants and students.
  • Please check your student email account regularly throughout the semester for important college information and details. To protect your privacy, all correspondence between TTC and the student will be through your email account.
  • To access your TTC student email, go to the student portal:
    • Enter your username ( email address).
    • Enter your initial password (Aa######$, where ###### is the last six digits of your social security number) – you will be asked to reset your password if this is your first time using it.
    • If you have any issues accessing your portal account or email account, please visit the Student Login Help page.

STEP  4 – Register for classes.

  • Upload your transient letter (from your home institution) through your Apply Now account or you may send it to the Admissions office at
  • You will receive an email in your email account when you can register for your selected class(es) using Navigate (click the link for more information).
  • Check your registration schedule in Navigate; verify that you are enrolled in the correct courses and at the correct times.
  • Pay your tuition. As a visiting student, you are not eligible for financial aid.
  • We encourage you to monitor your class schedule for potential changes.

STEP 5 – Buy your books and other required materials before classes begin so that you are prepared for the first day.

STEP 6 – *Attend classes* (see Attendance above for policy). Get a head start - D2L for your class(es) becomes available at least one day before classes begin.

STEP 7 – At the completion of your coursework, order and pay for official transcripts here so that the grades will be sent to your home institution. 


Please note: Admissions will need the Transient form from your home institution as well as a copy of your state-issued ID.


Trident Technical College provides programs and services that support your success inside and outside the classroom.


  1. Can I use my financial aid from my home institution at TTC? 
    Visiting students can not use financial aid from their home institution at TTC.
  1. What learning management system (LMS) does TTC use?
    Desire to Learn (D2L) is TTC’s LMS for face-to-face, online and hybrid courses. When you have access to your student portal, you will have access to the LMS. If you are unfamiliar with D2L, there are videos on the site to help you navigate through the various components. You can view these videos before you have access to your courses. Access to your courses in D2L opens at least one day before the first day of classes.

  2. Who is responsible for ensuring that I have met the prerequisites for courses in which I enroll?
    It is the student's responsibility to know the course prerequisites and to enroll in only those courses for which prerequisites have been met. Refer to the current Catalog.

  3. Are visiting students required to attend orientation or advising sessions?
    Visiting students do not need to attend these sessions but are asked to work solely with the advisor at their home institution to ensure that courses they take at TTC will transfer back to their program. Course transfer is determined by the receiving (home) institution, and not by TTC.

  4. What do I do if I would like to pursue a degree at Trident Tech?
    You will need to return to Apply Now and update your application, selecting “First Time Transfer to TTC” as your student type. You will then select your intended program of study at TTC from the list. There may be additional supplemental items requested if you become a degree-seeking student at TTC.

  5. I receive accommodations. How do I get them at TTC?
    To qualify for appropriate accommodations, students must identify themselves to the college and provide documentation of a disability from a professional qualified to assess the presence of that disability. A student may register with Services for Students with Disabilities on a voluntary, confidential basis at any time.