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Courses completed as a part of the Adult Education Dual Enrollment program become a part of the students’ college transcripts. Under the guidance of the appropriate Adult Education Center, students have the option to earn high school credit for the college courses they successfully complete, or earn college credit only for these courses.

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Who Is Eligible?
How Do I Qualify?
How Do I Apply?
How Do I Register for Classes?
What Is the Cost?
How Do I Pay?
Will My Courses Transfer to Another College?
What About International Students?

Who is Eligible?

With the permission of their Adult Education program, qualified Adult Education students attending an Adult Ed program in Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester counties are eligible to enroll in college-level courses at Trident Technical College.

How Do I Qualify?

To qualify, students taking courses for dual enrollment must meet the same requirements for enrollment into an individual course as other college students. Enrollment into most entry-level courses requires proof of academic readiness as indicated on the SAT, ACT or TTC ACCUPLACER Placement Test.

SAT 530 Evidenced-Based Reading & Writing 600 Math
ACT 19 English 22 Math
Next Generation ACCUPLACER

237 Writing

237 Reading

Math score varies depending on level of math desired

Students with SAT/ACT scores must take the math component of the TTC ACCUPLACER Placement Test for placement into upper-level math courses (higher than MAT 110 College Algebra).

For more information about the TTC ACCUPLACER Placement Test, study materials, contact information and hours of operation for testing, please visit our Testing Services webpage.

How Do I Apply?

Qualified students who wish to participate in the Adult Education Dual Enrollment program must:

  • Have permission from appropriate Adult Education Center to enroll.
  • Show proof of academic readiness for college courses as required by the college.
  • Complete and submit an Adult Ed Dual Enrollment application (apply online here).
  • Submit Adult Ed Dual Enrollment Signature Page and qualifying test scores.
  • Signature Page must be signed by the governing Adult Education authority and the student indicating permission to enroll in specified TTC courses.

Applications are processed within 48 business hours. The next step is registration!

How Do I Register for Classes?

After submitting your application, please wait at least 48 business hours for it to be processed and then contact the Division of School and Community Initiatives at 843-574-6533 or to register for courses.

Students interested in dual enrollment programs are allowed to take any college-level course offered at TTC as long as the student meets the prerequisite requirements and receives approval from their Adult Education program to take the course(s).

Most college-level courses are available to dual enrollment students, EXCEPT courses in programs with special admission requirements.

What is the Cost?

Students taking courses through the Adult Education DE program are responsible for the cost of the tuition and books unless otherwise directed by the adult education center. Tuition and fees can be reviewed online at

S.C. Lottery Tuition Assistance (LTA) is available to dual credit students who have lived in S.C. for at least 12 consecutive months and are actively enrolled in at least six college credit hours during a semester. Students do not need to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to apply for S.C. Lottery Tuition Assistance for the period they are enrolled in a GED/HSED program.

Students who have graduated or are no longer identified as adult education students by their Adult Education program must complete the FAFSA to receive S.C. Lottery Tuition Assistance.

The amount of SCLTA is set by the state prior to the beginning of each semester. Students are responsible for paying any portion of the tuition not covered by SCLTA.

How Do I Pay?

Tuition for dual enrollment students is due before the end of the semester in which the student is enrolled. Payment can be made online through the student’s portal account (TTC Express for Credit Students > Financial Information > Student Account Activity and Make a Payment) or at the Business Office at any campus.

Will My Courses Transfer to Another College?

Most general education dual credit courses transfer to colleges and universities across the nation because TTC is a regionally accredited college. In addition, many applied technical or professional dual credit courses transfer to selected colleges and universities.

However, the receiving four-year college determines transferability of credits. Students assessing the transferability of dual credit courses should consult with the four-year institution to which they intend to transfer.

For more information regarding transferability of credits, visit our University Transfer page.

What About International Students?

International high school students may be able to participate in dual enrollment programs, depending on their legal status in the U.S. However, these students may be charged out-of-state tuition costs, which can be higher than the normal rate for in-state, tri-county residents. Additionally, these students may not qualify for the eligible forms of state or federal aid provided to qualified dual enrollment students.

For more information, please visit International Students or contact the International Admissions Coordinator in the Admissions office at 843-574-6325.

To find out more about getting a Smart Start on your college education, contact your local Adult Education Center or the Division of School and Community Initiatives at TTC:

Berkeley County Adult Education
Cathy Rutledge, Administrative Assistant
843-899-8690 or 843-723-4627 ext. 8690

Charleston County Adult Education
Susan Friedrich, Director

Dorchester County Adult Education
Mona Caudle, Director

Tonya Hall

Trident Literacy Association
Jeana Watson, Director of Participant Engagement

TTC Division of School and Community Initiatives
843-574-6533 or 843-574-6061