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SC Illegal Immigration Reform Act

The South Carolina Illegal Immigration Reform Act (S.C. Code Ann.59-101-430) prohibits those unlawfully in the United States from attending a public institution of higher education in South Carolina and from receiving a public higher education benefit. The South Carolina Illegal Immigration Reform Act requires all public institutions of higher education to verify that all students are lawfully present in the U.S.

Students claiming to be United States citizens can verify their citizenship status by completing either the U.S. Citizenship Verification Form or TTC Admission Application and must provide one of the following:

List A Valid driver's license or state ID1
List B Valid driver's license or state ID Birth Certificate Valid US Passport
List C

Valid ID issue by a federal, state, or local government agency

Certificate of Citizenship2 Certificate of Naturalization3

1 Driver’s licenses and state issued identification cards from Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oregon, Texas, Utah and Washington cannot be used to satisfy the requirement in List A. These states do not verify citizenship at the time of issuance so holders of these cards must provide additional documentation.

2 USCIS issued Form N-560 or Form N-561

3 USCIS issued Form N-550 or N-570

Students who are not United States citizens must provide appropriate documentation and will be verified through the Department of Homeland Security's Student Exchange Visitors Information System (SEVIS) or Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) database.

Students will not be able to register for classes until TTC has received their documents. For inquiries, contact the Admissions office at 843-574-6558 or