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GP8: Annual Planning and Evaluation Cycle


NUMBER:  2-8-0          APPROVED DATE:  09-26-1999

LEGAL AUTHORITY:  S.C. CODE ANN. §§59-53-410 to -440 (1997)

In order to enhance the performance of the Commission in policy governance, the Commission will follow an annual agenda that re-examines content and compliance with policies, and which continually improves its performance through attention to Commission education and to enriched input and deliberation. Specifically:

  1. The Commission will evaluate the content of policies on Institutional Goals, Executive Parameters, Governance Process, and Commission/President Relationship bi-annually. This evaluation will also include other institutional goals for the Commission.
  2. The Commission will evaluate Presidential performance annually, in accordance with South Carolina laws and regulations.  At the next regularly scheduled meeting after the evaluation, the Commission will evaluate Presidential goals for the upcoming year.
  3. Education, input, and deliberation will receive a high priority in structuring meetings and other activities during the year. To the extent feasible, the Commission will identify those areas of education and input needed to increase the level of wisdom and forethought it can give to subsequent choices. The Commission will also develop professional development plans for itself and individual Commission members.

Trident Technical College Area Commission approved Governance Process Policies on May 20, 1997 for adoption on January 1, 1998.

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