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NUMBER: 2-16-0 APPROVED DATE: 01-01-1998

LEGAL AUTHORITY: S.C. CODE ANN. ยงยง59-53-410 to -440 (1997)

The President is the Commission's single official link with the operating organization. The President is accountable to the Commission acting as a body. The Commission will instruct the President through written policies, delegating implementation to the President. The President's performance will be considered synonymous with the organizational performance of the college as a whole.

The President's responsibilities can be stated as performance in two areas:

  1. Organizational accomplishment of the Commission's Institutional Goals policies.
  2. Organizational operation within the boundaries established in the Commission's Executive Parameters policies and within the state and federal statutory and regulatory requirements and the Commission By-laws.

Trident Technical College Area Commission approved Executive Parameters Policies and Commission President Relationship Policies on July 29, 1997 for adoption on January 1, 1998.

Reaffirmed: 11-25-2008

Updated: 09-18-2012

Reviewed: 10-03-2017

Reviewed: 07-26-2022