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NUMBER: 2-2-0 APPROVED DATE: 01-01-1998

LEGAL AUTHORITY: S.C. CODE ANN. ยงยง59-53-410 to -440 (1997)

The Area Commission, hereafter referred to as the Commission, will be actively involved in the governance of the college, being proactive rather than reactive, staying informed on relevant issues, and approaching its task with a style which emphasizes outward vision rather than internal preoccupation. The Commission will encourage diversity in viewpoints, will focus more heavily on strategic leadership than administrative detail, and will make collective rather than individual decisions.

More specifically, the Commission will:

  1. Operate in all ways mindful of its trusteeship obligation to the citizens of Berkeley, Charleston, and Dorchester Counties.
  2. Keep adequately informed on relevant issues, both local and global, that impact higher education and may have the potential to affect the mission of the college.
  3. Lead and inspire the organization through the careful establishment of broad policies that reflect the values of the community. The Commission's major focus will be on the intended long-term impact of the college on the community, rather than on administrative or programmatic matters.
  4. Accept collective responsibility for excellence in governance. The Commission will use the expertise of individual members to enhance the work of the Commission as a body, rather than to substitute the judgments of individuals for the collective judgment of the Commission as a whole.
  5. Monitor and regularly discuss the Commission's own process and performance, and foster continuity in governance capability through training and development of Commission members. Specifically:
    1. On an annual basis, perform self-monitoring by comparing Commission activity and discipline to its written Governance Process and Commission-President Relationship policies.
    2. Conduct orientation sessions for new Commission members on the adopted governance process, and conduct periodic Commission discussion.
  6. Be accountable to the general public for competent, conscientious, and effective accomplishment of its obligations as a Commission. Allow no officer, individual, or committee of the Commission to usurp this role or hinder this commitment.
  7. Seek input from various sources including students, alumni, staff, faculty, employers, and other community members.
  8. Make decisions, to the extent possible, on a consensus basis.

Trident Technical College Area Commission approved Governance Process Policies on May 20, 1997 for adoption on January 1, 1998.

Updated: 01-06-2003

Reviewed: 10-03-2017

Updated: 07-26-2022