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NUMBER: 2-14-0 APPROVED DATE: 01-01-1998

LEGAL AUTHORITY: S.C. CODE ANN. ยงยง59-53-410 to -440 (1997)

The President shall maintain fiscal integrity and a positive public image with respect to employment, compensation, and benefits to employees, consultants, and contract workers.

Accordingly, the President may not:

  1. Change his/her own compensation and benefits.
  2. Provide for or change the compensation and benefits of other employees except in accordance with state and federal statutes and regulations.
  3. Promise or imply permanent or guaranteed employment.
  4. Employ persons who do not have proper credentials.

Trident Technical College Area Commission approved Executive Parameters Policies and Commission President Relationship Policies on July 29, 1997 for adoption on January 1, 1998.

Reviewed: 02-15-2010

Reviewed: 10-03-2017