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How do I request a change of major?

Before you change your major, be sure you have discussed your academic and career goals with your academic advisor or success coach (formerly navigator) so that you are knowledgeable about the change you are making. Career counseling is also available to help if you are having trouble deciding which program best aligns with your interests and skills. Keep in mind, deciding on a major can be tough, and may take time and research before you can determine which program is right for you.

New or returning students who have not enrolled should contact the Admissions Office to update your application.

Enrolled students can click here to access the Major Change Request form.

When will my new major be active?

Once a major change request is submitted, your student record will be updated within 1-2 business days. A notification email will be sent to your email informing you of the change. Changes go into effect based on the college’s specific policies and procedures. See Policy 16-7-5 for details.

Why was my change of major request denied?

Change of major requests are denied for one or more of the following reasons:

  1. You requested to close all of your active programs which would inactivate your current status at the college.
  2. You requested to open a third associate degree. Students are limited to pursuing two associate degrees simultaneously.
  3. You requested to open the same program that you are currently pursuing or have already completed.


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