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Academic Standing

Students who are unable to achieve passing grades for a semester will be subject to meeting the requirements of the college’s academic action, which includes a warning and then a probation period followed by academic suspension for each semester when academic standards are not met as follows.

Academic Good Standing

Academic good standing occurs when your current semester GPA is at least 2.0 or higher than 2.0, and your last academic standing was not academic suspension.

Academic Warning

Academic warning occurs when your current semester GPA is below 2.0. If you are on warning, you will receive an email explaining the college’s academic warning/academic standing policy and advising you that you will be placed on academic probation if your semester GPA is below 2.0 for a second consecutive semester.

Academic Probation

Academic probation occurs when your current term GPA is below 2.0. If you are on probation, you will receive a letter from TTC explaining the college’s academic probation/academic standing policy and advising you that a second consecutive term GPA below 2.0 as well as a cumulative GPA below 2.0 will result in academic suspension.

Academic Suspension

An academic suspension occurs after any three consecutive semesters of enrollment in which your semester GPA is below 2.0, and first semester in which your cumulative GPA is below 2.0. Consecutive semesters of enrollment are any two semesters in which the student is enrolled even if there are semesters between in which the student is not enrolled. After being academically suspended for one semester, you must meet with a counselor in Counseling and Career Development Services.

The appeal process is overseen through the office of the vice president for Student Services. Students are placed on academic suspension and/or financial aid probation ineligible when their academic performance falls below the minimum standards set by the college (cumulative grade point average and/or credit hour completion rate). For more information, visit Student Appeals/Complaints.