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Grading Policy

Final grades are submitted by faculty at the end of each term. Students can view their final grades through TTC Self-Service.

Grade Point Average

At the end of the semester, the grade point average (GPA) is computed for the academic work completed for that term (excluding developmental courses) and for the cumulative academic work completed while at Trident Technical College. Unless a course is repeated, the GPA is determined by dividing the total number of quality points earned by the number of term hours attempted. When a course is repeated, the highest grade earned will be used in computing the cumulative GPA. The student’s academic transcript, however, will continue to carry the original grade awarded, but it will not be calculated into the GPA. Learn how to calculate your own GPA.

Final Grades

Letter grades are given in all courses at the end of each term to indicate the quality of work done by the student. Students must check their final grades at the end of each term on TTC Self-Service.

Letter Grade Numeric Scale Grade Points
A - Excellent 91-100 4.0
B - Above Average 81-90 3.0
C - Average 71-80 2.0
D - Passing 65-70 1.0
F - Failure Below 65 0

Other types of grades assigned but excluded from the GPA.

AU = Audit

Assigned when a student has enrolled in a course for audit purposes.

I = Incomplete
Students in good academic standing may request an incomplete if a circumstance arises that will impact completion of the course on time. Requirements for an incomplete grade (I) must be completed by the end of Term 1 for the next semester. A grade of F will be assigned if the student does not complete the required coursework by the deadline. The instructor of the course will submit a change of grade request to update the grade on record.

P = Passed
Awarded for non-course credit such as credit by exam or experiential learning credit.

TR = Transfer
Awarded for allowable equivalent credits earned at other colleges or universities.

S = Satisfactory
Indicates an acceptable level of performance in a Workforce Training (Continuing Education) course.

SC = Satisfactory Completion
Indicates an acceptable level of performance in a developmental course.

U = Unsatisfactory
Denotes failure to attain an acceptable level of achievement in a developmental course.

W = Withdrawal
Student-initiated withdrawal after the drop period and prior to the end of the course. Students should withdraw through Navigate. For more information about the withdrawal process, click here.

Grade Appeals

Final grades may be appealed to the instructor who originally assigned the grade. Grade changes must occur within two semesters in which the grade was assigned or prior to graduation, whichever comes first.

Repeated Courses

Students may repeat a course to improve their GPA. All attempts will remain on the student’s transcript but only the highest grade will be used in the GPA calculation.

Viewing Final Grades

Students can view their final grades through TTC Self-Service under the Academics tab. Options for viewing include, Degree Evaluation, Grades, and Unofficial Transcript.

 How to View Your Grades

Request Official Transcript

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