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6-2-2 Memberships in Professional Organizations


NUMBER:  6-2-2          APPROVED DATE:  11-10-1999

PURPOSE: To provide guidelines for the expenditure of professional development funds for institutional memberships in professional organizations, societies, associations and councils.

    Trident Technical College allocates limited professional development funds for institutional membership dues. Membership in an organization must relate specifically to the mission of TTC and the job or function of the contact person.
    TTC allows individual memberships for permanent employees only when the organization does not permit institutional memberships or it is less costly to TTC to have an individual membership. The vice president examines requests for individual memberships on a case-by-case-basis. The vice president may make exceptions, for example, when an individual membership is a part of a conference registration, when TTC is hosting a regional conference, or the organization’s structure has different divisions of membership.

    TTC does not make payment for professional licenses required by state regulatory agencies.

    To apply for an institutional membership, the requester must:
    1. Submit an "Application for Participation in Professional Development Institutional Memberships" (TTC Form T2-3) to his/her supervisor and vice president for approval.
    2. Complete and attach the organization’s membership application form. Should the membership application require the name of a contact person in the college, it is appropriate to provide a specific person and/or a specific position. In all cases, the membership application should show TTC’s address, not the employee’s home address.
    3. Include a justification statement of how membership in this organization relates specifically to the mission of TTC and the job or function of the contact person.
    4. Forward the approved TTC Form T2-3, organization membership application form and justification statement to the Finance Office staff for processing.
    5. The Finance Office staff will not process TTC Form T2-3 without the vice president’s signature and divisional professional development account number. Payment of memberships from departmental CF budgets is not authorized.

Updated: 10-16-2009

Reviewed: 06-18-2015