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6-2-1 Professional Development Program


NUMBER:  6-2-1          APPROVED DATE:  10-25-1999


PURPOSE: To explain Trident Technical College's Professional Development Program for permanent faculty and staff. Trident Technical College maintains a comprehensive professional development program to expand opportunities for all permanent faculty and staff members to be multi-skilled and technologically proficient, to facilitate learning and teaching, and to perform in the 21st century workplace.

    1. Any activity for which an employee seeks professional development funds must meet an institutional and individual need as determined by TTC.
    2. SBTCE policy encourages participants to schedule courses during off-duty hours whenever possible. When a desired course cannot be scheduled during off-duty hours, the supervisor may recommend to the Vice President/Dean that the employee's work schedule be adjusted, if doing so will not interfere with normal efficient operations.
    An employee who wishes to apply for professional development funds must complete the appropriate form and receive written approval before participation. Professional Development expenses will be charged to the Professional Development account of the approving Vice President or the President. The following activities are authorized under the Professional Development program, subject to the availability of funding:
    1. Seminars, Webinars, Conferences, Workshops, Conventions and Short Courses -- Travel, per diem, and fees in accordance with State travel regulations may be paid. An employee who wishes to participate in any of these activities must complete an "Application for Travel/Professional Development Authorization" (TTC Form T3-92), including a justification statement. Refer to TTC Procedure 6-1-2, "Travel Authorization and Reimbursement."
    2. Courses offered by TTC’s Division of Continuing Education and Economic Development -- TTC conducts a comprehensive program of professional and vocational development seminars targeted to business, industry, government and the general public, and to serve training needs within the institution. To apply for participation in a TTC Continuing Education seminar, an employee must complete an "Application for Travel/Professional Development Authorization" (TTC Form T3-92), including a justification statement. The requestor's Vice President or designee should provide the professional development budget account number, course name, and employee information including Datatel ID number by email to ce.reg@tridenttech.edu. Continuing Education will charge the registration fee(s) as an internal billing to the Vice President's professional development account.
    3. Institutional Memberships -- An employee who wishes to apply for a professional membership should review TTC Procedure 6-2-2 and complete an "Application for Participation in Professional Development, Institutional Memberships" (TTC Form T2-3).
    The TTC Foundation may also provide financial support for faculty and staff professional development through credit course assistance and TTC tuition assistance programs. Refer to TTC Procedure 6-2-3,"Credit Course Assistance, TTC and Other Accredited Institutions."

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