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NUMBER: 17-4-3 APPROVED DATE: 08-03-1999


PURPOSE: Trident Technical College’s Institutional Work Study program is established to provide part-time, non-need based jobs for students in critical areas of the College and to match the student's job and academic area as much as possible.

    1. The Institutional Work Study program (IWS) will be funded in a manner recommended by the Cabinet and approved by the President. These funds will be budgeted separately from the Federal Work Study program (FWS).
    2. Staff and faculty will request positions each year by June 1. The Vice President of the division will approve each position, funds permitting, on a one-year basis. Each position must be requested and reaffirmed annually.
    3. IWS positions may be requested to provide short-term help during peak periods such as registration, recruiting drives or other needs of the College. In addition, IWS positions may be requested to fill temporary, skilled available positions. IWS positions may not be used as replacements or substitutes for staff or faculty positions. IWS positions may not be used to replace FWS positions.
    4. IWS positions can be filled with non-need-based students. However, if the student has financial need and requisite skills and there are funds available, FWS funds will be used instead of institutional funds. The award of FWS funds instead of IWS funds cannot exceed the calculated need of the student.
    5. Offices for which IWS positions are approved may recruit students for those positions. Student Employment Services will provide assistance in recruiting and referring students. Each department will interview students and make final decisions on each selection.
    6. Fully qualified non-need-based students must be enrolled in a program of study, take at least six semester hours of non-developmental classes, and maintain a 2.0 or better GPA. Student criteria may be waived by the President or Vice Presidents on a case-by-case basis.
    7. The College recommends that maximum work hours will be 20 hours per week during periods the College is in session. Vice Presidents may authorize work between sessions when needed to prepare for the next session. Each department will project the total number of weeks to be worked by the student during the award period. The supervisor is responsible for ensuring hours worked are proportional to the contract to prevent termination of a contract due to lack of funds or over-expenditure of funds.
    8. An IWS student must be in a curriculum and maintain the same "standards of progress" as a FWS student.
    9. Student Employment Services will coordinate and monitor the Institutional Work Study Program, however each department/division is responsible for managing their allocated IWS funds.


    The supervisor will complete and forward the on-line request for an IWS contract through faculty/staff portal. Student Employment Services will verify the eligibility, and if eligible, will forward the contract to the supervisor. The student will sign the contract and complete the following documentation required by the TTC Human Resources Office: Confidentiality Statement, W-4, and I-9. The student must also provide proof of citizenship in accordance with the I-9 Form.  IWS students who have previously provided the documentation need to only sign the contract. Before the student may begin work, the supervisor and student must complete the required documentation and sign the contract. The supervisor will forward the contract and documentation to the appropriate Vice President for signature. The Vice President will sign the contract and then forward it with the supporting documentation to Human Resources (HR-C). 
    1. Recruit and maintain IWS student applications.
    2. Screen student eligibility for IWS positions.
    3. Monitor Employment Agreements and supporting documentation.
    4. Forward personnel documents to HR-C where HR files for IWS employees will be maintained.
    5. Provide training to supervisors and IWS students.
    6. Assist supervisors with grievance complaints and other problems.
    7. Maintain position descriptions.
    8. Assist in preparing termination documentation.

    Each IWS student will be responsible for completing and turning in a time sheet to the supervisor. Time sheets will begin on the 11th of each month and will be completed on the 10th of the next month. Students will record hours worked daily. Supervisors will ensure the accuracy and completeness of the time sheets and forward time sheets to Human Resources (HR-C) by the 10th of each month. Students will be paid on the last working day of each month.
    1. IWS earnings must be counted as a resource when awarding Title IV aid (except the Pell Grant) and other institutional aid.
    2. IWS earnings must be shown as prior year taxable income earned when applying for all financial aid for the next award year.

    The Finance Division will provide Student Employment Services with a monthly payroll listing.

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