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17-2-2 Student Cabinet


NUMBER:  17-2-2          APPROVED DATE:  02-14-1996

PURPOSE: The Student Cabinet provides an avenue for students to express views and concerns to the institution's administration; receive information regarding College policies and procedures; and participate in the institution's decision-making process.

  1. STUDENT CABINET MEMBERSHIP The president and vice president of all officially-chartered, active student organizations at the College serve on the Student Cabinet. The Director of Student Activities is responsible for determining the active status of each student organization in accordance with the published guidelines for student organizations.
  2. STUDENT CABINET MEETINGS Student Cabinet meets at least two times during the fall and spring semesters, and once during the Summer term. The administrators in attendance at the meeting include the College President, Vice Presidents, Dean of Palmer Campus, Dean of Berkeley Campus, Dean of Mount Pleasant Campus, Director of Public Safety and Director of Student Activities. The Director of Student Activities is responsible for scheduling Student Cabinet meetings.  The administration may add additional meetings if deemed appropriate.

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