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17-1-1 Job Referrals


NUMBER:  17-1-1          APPROVED DATE:  03-23-2001


PURPOSE:  To establish the requirements and guidelines on job referrals for Trident Technical College students and alumni.
  1. FEDERAL GUIDELINES In referring students to part-time or full-time jobs, Career and Employment Services will comply with all federal guidelines established under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Section 504, and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.
  2. ELIGIBILITY Career and Employment Services extends full services to currently enrolled students or those enrolled the previous semester. Graduates of certificate, diploma and degree programs from all of South Carolina’s technical colleges remain eligible for life.
  3. STUDENT REGISTRATION Career and Employment Services requires all students and graduates who request assistance to:

    A.   Present a valid student I.D. card or alumni card; and
    B.   Create an account on Career Connection on the TTC website.

  4. STUDENT RESPONSIBILITIES Career and Employment Services operates as a referral service and employment information source for students and alumni. Students and graduates should be proactive by contacting Career and Employment Services on a regular basis to receive appropriate employment information. Individual and group employment counseling is available on request.
  5. LEVEL OF SCREENING Career and Employment Services will assist students and graduates with on-line registration and navigation of Career Connection on the TTC website.  When students find a job offering they are interested in, they may apply directly to the employer in the method indicated in the job posting.  No screening will take place at this level, unless specifically agreed upon by Career and Employment Services and the employer and is stated in the posting they meet the requirements specified on the job order. If they declare that they do in fact have these qualifications, they will be given the referral.  No further screening will take place at this level.
  6. HIRING PROCESS  The hiring process will take place directly between the employer and the student.  Career and Employment Services provides a service to connect Employers and students/graduates rather than acting as a placement agency.
  7. GRADUATE SERVICES Career and Employment Services will advise graduates of job opportunities and additional services through Career Connections, classroom presentations and other marketing efforts.  Graduate services include:

    A.  Free copy of Career Search Guides,
    B.  Free copy of Job Choices Journal,
    C.  Resume assistance and
    D. Interviewing information and practice.

Updated: 03-30-2007