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Cybersecurity $0 Tuition


Cybersecurity $0 Tuition

What can I do in cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity technicians perform a variety of specialized jobs some of which are heavy on the information assurance side involving documentation and procedural tasks such as vulnerability assessments, incident identification and response, risk mitigation, system hardening, as well as, implementing secure communications methods and network hardening overall. Some entry-level job titles are: cyber security specialist, information technology specialist, security engineer, digital forensics investigator and penetration and vulnerability tester.

What characteristics and skills do I need to work in this field?

It requires high proficiency in data analysis and technical understanding of networked data, forensics investigation techniques, as well as an in-depth understanding of network security practices and principals.  Also, these technicians are highly aware of regulatory compliance rules and laws that shape their security strategy implementations into business networks and/or individual devices. Working in the cybersecurity field requires professionals to be excellent communicators, as well as have a strong attention to details along with their technical details.

Where can I work?

Individuals in this field can work in varied settings, including large corporations, manufacturing, software development companies, nonprofit agencies, colleges and universities, and government agencies.

What does Trident Technical College offer?

Trident Technical College has been designated as a National Center of Academic Excellence (CAE) in Cyber Defense Education (CDE) through academic year 2024. This designation was awarded by the National Security Agency (NSA) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) upon meeting their stringent requirements for cybersecurity curriculum and program criteria. Trident Technical College is the first two-year college in South Carolina to achieve this designation. Visit the Cyber Center for more information.

With a focus on local and wide area networks, Trident Technical College’s Network Systems Management department offers an advanced training pathway under a 63-credit-hour training program to prepare students with in-depth knowledge of forensics investigations, network monitoring and security procedures, incident response, network defense, and risk identification and mitigation methods. Furthermore, students are trained on the ethics involved with becoming a cyber analyst.