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Information Systems

Information systems managers, sometimes called information technology (IT) managers or IT project managers, plan, coordinate and direct computer-related activities for an organization. They help determine the information technology goals of an organization and are responsible for implementing computer systems to meet those goals.

What characteristics and skills do I need to work in this field?

Working in information systems fields requires professionals to be excellent communicators, as well as have a strong interest in technical details. Depending on the career path taken, careers in information systems can require fluency in programming languages such as JavaScript, Java, JQuery, PHP, SQL, CSS and HTML. Additionally, a broad overview of many different technologies (help desk, programming, e-commerce, database, networking, cyber-security, etc.) is helpful across all areas of the career.

Where can I work?

Individuals who pursue information systems careers can work in varied settings, including corporations, nonprofit agencies, colleges and universities, and government agencies.

What does Trident Technical College offer?

In addition to a degree in Computer Programming, Trident Technical College offers the opportunity for students to enroll in the Information Systems Specialist program while they determine their area of focus. This allows an introduction to the many different technologies (programming, e-commerce, Web development, database, networking, etc.) so students can discover which technology for which they have both an aptitude and an interest.

Once students determine their interest, this degree has five elective classes where they can continue training in the chosen technology. For example, students can decide they are interested in Cisco routers. They can use four of their elective classes to earn a Cisco Certified Network Associate certificate and become Cisco certified.

Other students might decide that database technology is where they want to excel. They can use two electives to earn a Database certificate and learn both SQL and MS Access.

Even if students decide they want to master computer programming, this degree will allow them to use five electives to master both desktop and Internet programming. Moreover, this degree combines several of our more popular certificates into a two-year degree. You learn all the Microsoft applications, programming, Windows networking, e-Commerce, Linux, and how to take apart a computer and put it back together again (A+/Network+ Technician certification).