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TTC Security Policies

The Area Commission of Trident Technical College is committed to the mission, vision and guiding principles of Trident Technical College and will always act in the best interest of the college and the community as a whole. The Area Commission will govern in accordance with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations. The Area Commission has approved the following plans, policies and procedures for Trident Technical College.

In order to enhance the performance of the Commission in policy governance, the Commission will follow an annual agenda that re-examines content and compliance with policies, and which continually improves its performance through attention to Commission education and to enriched input and deliberation.

3-1-0 Use of Information Technology Resources Policy

Network Acceptable Use Policy

3-1-1 Use of Information Technology Resources

This policy governs Trident Technical College employees’ use and retention of information technology resources at TTC, including, but not limited to: email, voicemail, software, hardware, network resources, back-up storage files, and infrastructure. This policy provides a cost effective approach to preserving and maintaining electronically stored data in compliance with applicable State and Federal law, and Federal e-discovery rules. It is also part of the TTC comprehensive disaster recovery plan and the TTC’s Document Retention Procedure 8-22-1 .

3-1-2 Wireless Communication Devices Eligibility and Usage

To outline the college's wireless communication devices procedure guidelines regarding eligibility, responsibility and acceptable use. This procedure is intended to ensure compliance with applicable Internal Revenue Code regulations.

14-0-1 thru 14-2-7 Learning Resources

Learning Resources: Digital Resources Acquisition, Repair, Replacement, Removal and Preservation of Materials

15-2-1 thru 15-2-4 Continuing Education and Economic Development

Policy on Continuing Education and Economic Development

12-2-0 Security of Institutional Buildings and Equipment Policy

Persons to whom equipment is assigned or entrusted shall assume responsibility for the equipment in accordance with the appropriate guidelines and procedures. College equipment is to be used only for official college activities. College employees, who need to take equipment off campus for use in college related activities, must receive permission from their supervisor and the inventory control coordinator.

12-3-1 Identification of Faculty/Staff Personnel

Provide positive identification of all Trident Technical College faculty and staff personnel in support of a safe and secure campus environment and for other administrative purposes as directed by the executive leadership of TTC.