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NUMBER: 3-1-2 APPROVED DATE: 06-04-2007


PURPOSE:  To outline the College's wireless communication devices procedure guidelines regarding eligibility, responsibility and acceptable use.  This procedure is intended to ensure compliance with applicable Internal Revenue Code regulations.


  1. Eligibility:
    1. Full-time employees meeting at least one of the below listed criteria may be required by the College to use wireless communication devices while on and/or off-duty.  Eligible employees include, but are not limited to, those:
      • Who are frequently engaged in work-related travel
      • Whose daily responsibilities require them to be mobile (on or off-campus) during most of their work period and/or frequently away from access to traditional land-based phone services
      • Who respond to emergencies, unusual occurrences, or other life-safety incidents
      • Who are considered essential personnel for the restoration of vital College services
      • Whose duties require them to be “on-call” or easily accessible during off-hours as needed
      • Who are integral to the College’s decision-making process
      • Who are otherwise required to be accessible for official business needs
    2. The requestor must be a permanent employee of the College.  The Vice President of the division must present any exceptions to the President's Cabinet for approval. 
  1. Conditions for use:

    The College provides wireless communication devices to an employee for business use. Business use is any use in the course of performing specific job-related duties on behalf of and for the benefit of Trident Technical College.  When the College assigns a wireless communication device to an employee, the employee must use the device, as appropriate, for work and all college emergencies.

  2. To request a wireless communication device:
    1. Employee must submit a written request to his or her supervisor.
    2. If approved, the request is forwarded to the appropriate Vice President for approval.
    3. Upon approval, employee must sign the IT Division’s Wireless Device Assignment form at time of receipt/return of the assigned wireless device.
  1. Procurement of wireless communication devices and related services:
    1. The college’s IT Infrastructure Services department purchases all wireless communication devices and cellular service in accordance with State policies including the South Carolina Procurement Code and Regulations.
    2. The IT department contacts the appropriate wireless provider and works with the end user to determine which plan best serves the requestor’s needs.
    3. The wireless device is owned by and remains the property of the College at all times.

  2. Departmental/Employee Responsibilities:
    1. The employee's immediate supervisor is responsible for ensuring that the requestor reads and understands the College's wireless communication device procedure.
    2. The employee is responsible for the safekeeping and care of the assigned wireless device.  The employee should not loan the wireless device to anyone and should immediately report any theft or loss of the device to his or her supervisor, Public Safety and the IT Help Desk.
    3. The employee has an obligation to use the wireless device and service in a responsible, informed and safe manner, conforming to network etiquette, customs, courtesies, safety practices, and applicable laws or regulations.
    4. Should the employee leave the position for which a wireless device was assigned, the employee will return the device to the IT Infrastructure Services department.  
  1. Invoicing and Payment:
    1. The College's wireless service provider will submit invoices directly to the College's accounts payable department. Accounts Payable will charge wireless expenses directly to each departmental account.  Copies of monthly usage reports can be requested through the IT Help Desk.

  2. Non-College owned phones:
    1. Accessing college resources such as email using a non-college owned wireless device is allowed; however, the College remains the sole owner of its data. Employees must notify the IT Helpdesk if they access work email on their mobile device and the device is lost or stolen.  The College will remotely wipe (delete) work email application data from a lost or stolen device.  The College may remotely erase college data or may require owner to remove college data as deemed necessary.  It is the responsibility of the owner to protect college data on his or her personal smartphone or mobile device.  Never store Personally Identifiable Information (PPI) or other protected data on mobile devices.
    2. The wireless device owner assumes all responsibility for any charges or data loss that may occur due to his or her choice to attach a personal device to college resources.
    3. At the sole risk of the owner, IT staff will provide support for non-college owned devices to the best of their ability. 
8.  Disciplinary Action:
Abuse of this procedure may result in revocation of the college owned wireless communication device and employee disciplinary actions in accordance with college policies and procedures relating to disciplinary action and termination (Sbtce-8-5-100.1 Disciplinary Action).


Renumbered and moved from Section 10 to Section 3 November 2018. Formerly number 10-2-9

Updated: 08-25-2010

Updated: 11-05-2018

Updated: 09-24-2019