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3-1-0 Use of Information Technology Resources Policy

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Area Commission
  3. Information Technology

    3-1-0 Use of Information Technology Resources Policy

    3-1-1 Use of Information Technology Resources

    3-1-2 Wireless Communication Device Eligibility and Usage

    3-1-3 Information Security

    3-1-4 Information Security Data Breach Response Plan

  4. Plans and Analysis
  5. Marketing
  6. Financial Affairs
  7. Facilities Management
  8. Human Resources and Employee Relations
  9. Development
  10. Procurement and Inventory Control
  11. Auxiliary Enterprises and Printing Services
  12. Public Safety
  13. Division of Education
  14. Intentionally Left Blank for Future Use
  15. Intentionally Left Blank for Future Use
  16. Admissions and Registrar
  17. Student Services

NUMBER: 3-1-0 APPROVED DATE: 07-31-2001

Information technology resources are valuable assets to Trident Technical College. Effective management of these resources is essential to ensure their integrity, security, availability, and operability for College related activities. The College expects all employees to use these resources in a legal, ethical, professional, and responsible manner. The College encourages the use of information technology resources for the advancement of professional and student learning. This policy acknowledges academic freedom in the use of information technology and adheres to state and college policy on Academic Freedom and Responsibility. The College adheres to all local, state, federal and international laws relating to the use and misuse of information technology resources. All users must also adhere to all local state federal and international laws to continue to use the college’s information technology resources.

The College takes comprehensive measures to protect the security of its information technology resources. However, the College does not guarantee the absolute security and privacy of any information technology resource. Because unintended parties can potentially access electronic files and communications, employees should consider communications via information technology resources similar to hard copy correspondence. Information technology resources must be treated like any other state-owned property.

While information technology resources provide the opportunity to share and access information on and off campus, private individuals or other organizations should not benefit from the use of these resources without the consent of the College. The College prohibits unauthorized access to or use of its information technology resources.

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