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Step into the Spotlight with new Podcasting courses at Trident Tech

Workforce Training Media and Visual Arts iconReady to take your podcast concept to the next level? Let Trident Tech teach you the basics to help you get started creating unique podcasts. Then take additional courses to learn more advanced editing and production techniques, post production requirements and get tips on audience development.

Workforce Training Podcasting Courses Open For Registration

As noncredit Workforce Training (formerly Continuing Education) course offerings, you do not have to apply to become a TTC student in order to take these courses. You only need to register, pay and attend the course.


Podcasting Level 1 - Podcasting Basics

Learn everything you need to know to chart your course in the exploding world of podcasting. Experience this fun and informative overview of what you need to know when you are planning a podcast. Participate in discussions about the gear you need and the software and hosting options that are available to you. You will also learn important creator and production tips, as well as post launch next steps to help your podcast break through. Then, brainstorm the viability of your podcast concept in a constructive and creative setting.
Curriculum topics covered include: what is podcasting and how is it different from radio and other audio and video; what’s working – top genres and how you can break through; what gear you need; software and microphone hands-on demonstrations; recording at home; hosting options; recording and production basics; and release schedules.

View details for class running Sept. 28-Oct. 5, 2021

View details for class running Nov. 9-16, 2021

Course Fee: $189


Podcasting Level 2 - Next Step Podcasting: Ready for Launch

Get your podcast up and running the right way using the critical steps outlined in this course. Benefit from hands-on, how-to instruction on planning, production and publishing. Brainstorm creative details to build your pilot episode like effectively using music and special effects, and crafting an engaging opening and closing for your podcast. Practice with hands-on lessons in digital production and basic post-production software including audio editing techniques and using the right file formats in TTC’s Media Arts studio.

Curriculum topics covered include: how to publish with top hosting companies; structuring your show; audio editing (mistake removal and noise reduction); audio requirements and file formats; show and episode artwork; release schedules and sustainability; promotion and audience development – how will listeners find you; using music and special effects effectively and legally; and create a show opening and closing.

View details for class running Oct. 12-19, 2021

View details for class running Nov. 30-Dec. 7, 2021

Course Fee: $189


Trident Tech Launching New Podcasting Courses


Learn how to join the podcasting revolution at Trident Tech. Trident Technical College’s Film, Media and Visual Arts department is offering a new series of podcasting courses beginning September 2021. As noncredit Workforce Training course offerings, you do not have to apply to become a TTC student in order to take these courses. You only need to register, pay and attend each course.


“Podcasting is the newest evolution of mass communication that allows individuals to broadcast without the need for transmitters, towers or special licenses,” said Glenn Seale, Film, Media and Visual Arts Dean at Trident Technical College. “One of the most exciting aspects of Podcasting is that content creators now have the power to be heard worldwide without massive financial investment or permission from annoying gate keepers.”


As the popularity of the format has exploded, major media organizations have begun pouring resources into podcast content that can entertain, promote brands or products, or inform audiences on relevant topics and issues of the day.


“Podcasting has grown into a big industry on its own,” Seale said. “More and more individuals are inquiring about how to start producing their own podcast, so TTC has decided to offer some basic courses to get people up and running.”


Bill West, a veteran broadcaster with Cumulus Media Charleston will serve as instructor for TTC’s two new noncredit podcasting courses, Podcasting Level 1 – Podcasting Basics and Podcasting Level 2 – Next Step Podcasting: Ready for Launch. West has operated and programmed some of the Southeast’s most listened to radio stations. He is also a prolific cookbook author and has published the related “Country Cooks” and “Barbecue Tricks” podcasts. His blog at and YouTube Channel have accumulated more than 10 million views and over 46,000 subscribers.


“Whether you are a novice or a seasoned audio producer, these courses offer students the opportunity to engage with a media professional in person,” Seale said. “Since podcasting requires some initial technical training, being in person and working hands on provides a much better learning experience than what many online podcasting courses can offer.”


Podcasting students at TTC will have the opportunity to use the college’s Media Arts facilities and get a glimpse of the high-end audio recording equipment housed there.


“In these courses you will learn how to build your own audio podcast from the ground up,” Seale said. The courses cover the important elements of high-quality podcasts that attract subscribers, as well as the types of recording gear, software and hosting options students will need to know about to turn their show ideas into reality.


QUESTIONS? Contact Glenn Seale - Film, Media and Visual Arts Dean at Trident Technical College - at 843.574.6519 or email




If you do not see the class you are interested in listed, then it is not being offered at this time or it is full. Call the workforce training registration office at 843.574.6152 and ask to be put on a waiting list.